Tuesday, March 27, 2018

will NATO attack RUSSIA soon?

friends, i've have such a bad feeling when i think about geopolitics nowadays ... are the west + its politicians + its north atlantic terror organization (NATO) completely crazy? want they really attack russia which didn't threaten any of western countries for decades?
source here

why? well, the west increases its sanctions against russia continually. USA + canada + ukraine + 14 EU countries (= vassals of the U.S. decision makers, if you asked me) expelled russian diplomats from their countries. what is next? a direct war against russia?!? will these western psychopaths destroy our planet in a WW3 completely? 

it is so sad to see the western war propaganda machinery accelerate its efforts against putin / russia. even if the 'reasons' are completely irrational like the recent poison attack on former double agent sergey skripal in england. even if the committers are UNPROVEN, all the western mainstream media blamed russia on that attack. folks, it makes no strategic and no military sense for russia to kill a agent which was detected 12 years ago and who left russia 8 years ago in an agent exchange arrangement in 2010. btw, if you would like to silence someone, would you use:
  1. poison which will not kill the person immediately, so the agent can speak for weeks to media, intelligence agencies and your enemies?
  2. gun so the traitor will not ever speak to anyone?
it was the same issue with former russian agent litwinenko, who was poisoned by plutonium and also spoke to media / western intelligence agencies for days/weeks before he died.

the german defense secretary ursula von der leyen also hustled against putin recently (... putin has no inner opponents so NATO as the strongest military alliance on earth should increase the pressure on putin / russia from outside.... SOURCE of the interview: BILD Politik on facebook

what makes me really sad is the ignorance of my fellow western citizens. why do the most not care about peace? is a potential NATO war on russia (and thus probably the WW3) nothing what effects them? is their bread and roses strategy really the best and only thing to do?

hell, why are there not millions of us protesting in the streets against the military-industrial complex?  will we? STOP WARS.

what is putin's answer? if russia disappears, so will the world ...
... THIS IS EXCERPT FROM NEW RUSSIAN DOCUMENTARY MOVIE ABOUT PUTIN "THE WORLD ORDER 2018". i've seen it completely and was really impressed how smart + polite he answers even very difficult and sad questions about russian failures. folks, this man loves his country and is willing to do the best for russia. what a difference compared to the words and especially compared to the actions of most EU puppet politicians...
the full film is below (in russian). you should be able to find easily a version with subtitles in your language on YouTube soon :-)

a very nice eyes & heart opening speech in german by eugen drewermann and daniele ganser at the campaign stopp (u.s. military air base) ramstein, where i have been with fellow activists from munich last year. you can watch the full video here:

more coming soon or never ....

Saturday, March 24, 2018

trencin + spa trencianske teplice, SK

western slovakia: city of trencin + spa trencianske teplice were our destinations for a family celebration this time. well there was an 100 years birthday party of my twin cousins, so we enjoyed the possibility to hike in the nearby mountains, to see all the family at one place and to visit my ailing mother in bratislava on the way back home.
hiking to omsenska baba, a mountain 669m above sea ground
spa trencianske teplice
 hamam from 1888
birthday party

trencin is most famous for its castle, its roman inscription from 179 A.D: mentioned the place as laugaricio. you still remember our lauriacum experience in austria yesterday, don't you? anyway, laugaricio greets lauriacum and yes, they will keep the northern border of former roman empire safe, didn't they? not for too long as empires cannot last forever. the american empire will also break apart, if you asked me :-)
 trencin castle
 synagogue in trencin
more pictures here.
my last visit to slovakia in february here.

Friday, March 23, 2018

enns = the eldest town in austria

at our way to slovakia we have visited the small city of enns, the probably eldest city in austria.

we just wanted to make break for dinner somewhere away from the highway, so we decided to explore something new for us today. as we already knew the advertisement beside the highway about enns' 60m high tower and about the long history of the city for quite some time, we were curious how does the eldest austrian city look like. well, it was not much different then many others small medieval cities in austria or bavaria. there were few historic elements and we have learned that enns got its town privileges in 1212. but its old age comes from a different era - from a former roman military camp called lauriacum and a city which got its city right in 212.
the 60m high city tower (stadtturm)
by accident was also our next destination trencin in slovakia a place with roman history, as there is a roman inscription from 179 AD on the rock below the trencin castle mentioned that place as laugaricio. well, lauriacum greets laugaricio, doesn't it? anyway, the rivers danube, enns and vah in trencin were probably parts of or close to the borders of the roman empire and places where the original celtic and germanic population fought against the romans ...
 zeit fürs leben? = time for life? fine, why not? :-)
lauriacum enns
 let's climb up all these (approx. 155) steps
more pictures here.
my last visit to slovakia in february here.

Saturday, March 17, 2018


what a nice skiing on the top of germany 😄
even if i like the garmisch classic ski area more, the zugspitze 2962 m (or 2963m ?) is the save place when you will avoid rain few hundred meters deeper in garmisch-partenkirchen (GaPa)...

the were TWO lessons learned yesterday:
  1. how fast can the weather change in the mountains
  2. how stupid i was to go whole day skiing when not 100% healthy. i went skiing with sore throat. i came back with fever, coughing, sniffles and spent whole next day sick in bed :-(
sonnenkar = sun cirque = sonnekessel :-)
and this was our visit here in january:
chemtrails over zugspitze?
more pictures here
pictures from our last years visit here

Friday, March 9, 2018

slovaks against corruption

enough is enough - slovaks against corruption, finally :-). 

well, after the murder of the young slovak journalist jan kuciak and his girlfriend martina kusnirova (february 22th - 25th, they were found death in their house after few days), the masses are waking up and not longer willing to tolerate the overwhelming corruption in slovakia. jan was investigating on connection between highest slovak politicians and italian mafia who together robbed the funds from EU for slovakia.

the corruption is a real problem in slovakia, you know? the top politicians robert fico, robert kalinak and many others are connected to fraud, infidelity, lies and even if the specific cases are proven by media, the responsible state authorities like police & courts stop investigations or discharge the cheaters. no wonder the behave like gods if there are no consequences whatever they do ...
the recent murder was probably the last threshold which broke apart.
we were about 200 people in munich
jan + martina, R.I.P
munich for honest slovakia
in many cities in slovakia and abroad remembered the slovaks jan kucian + martina kusnirova and stand-up against corruption. source of the picture: the facebook protest event in munich https://www.facebook.com/events/354911111692315/
the most attendees came together in slovak capital bratislava with about 50,000 people and world wide maybe 120,000. this is a lot as slovakia is a quite small country with only 5 million inhabitants.
source of the picture: http://www.epa.eu/politics-photos/crime-citizens-initiative-recall-photos/anti-government-and-anti-corruption-protest-in-slovakia-photos-54185511 
what the people want: to see the premier robert fico and other corrupt top politicians (mostly from the leading smer party) in jail, source: https://scontent.cdninstagram.com/imagetaggy/s640x640/28754452_295603607637123_5980388655670231040_n.jpg
after the event we went to the nearby orlando cellar (celebrity cook alfons schubeck's restaurant) and discussed politics + society topics with friends
(very few) more pictures here
addendum march 14th: it is so nice if an action leads to an intended change: on monday stepped back the slovak minister of interior kalinak and today even the head of government fico => sometimes works a protest of the masses so great :-)

Sunday, March 4, 2018

garmisch ~ skiing with children

what a beautiful day with my adult children in the mountains today :-)
 -> skiing with children in the garmisch classic ski area in garmisch-partenkirchen, bavaria.

our highest point today was the resraurant at the osterfelderkopf in 2,033 m above sea level, just below the alpspitze (2628 m).
BMW race track with posssibility to win a BW x1 car
more pictures here.

garmisch is quite close to munich, so we are quite often here. we have made completely different opinion two years ago