Tuesday, December 29, 2020

stegen at lake ammersee, bavaria

what a wonderful walk at the northern lake ammersee at stegen. walking at a lake before 9 p.m. is in bavaria still allowed during the 2nd corona-lockdown in 2020, my dears ... could you imagine s.th. like that a year ago? it is already almost as bad as covid-1984 and still getting worse, the EU has bought hundred of millions vaccines for its citizens => compulsory vaccination will come in 2021, isn't it?

just in case you did not know, the birthplace of the AMPER river ist the northern seaside of lake ammersee. but the incoming river into the lake ammersee from the Ammergauer Alpen is called AMMER. it just changed its name while in lake ammersee 😂

although our favorite part of lake ammersee is its southwest part at diessen, we liked its a little bit too close to the highway located northern part at stegen today. especially its outcoming river amper => enjoy few pics

1st frozen pond beside the amper river
northern lake ammersee at stegen am ammersee
birthplace of the AMPER river in lake ammersee
bridge over the amper river
2nd pond beside the amper river
lake ammersee at stegen
if you don't understand it and it is ugly, too, just ask yourself whether it could be arts?
brewery alte brauerei stegen (1892)
my booty (beute) today: BEER/BIER! 1x alte brauerei stegen + 2x brauerei maisach
brewery alte brauerei stegen (1892)
brewery alte brauerei stegen (1892)
lake ammersee at stegen
guesthouse schreyegg at ammersee. wanna come in? 
forget it, it's closed because of corona-measures, 2nd lockdown 2020

few more pictures here.

more bavarian lakes.

Sunday, December 27, 2020

corona bavaria ~ bavaria against corona measures

bavaria against all these disproportional and misanthropic (menschenfeindlich) corona measures. say it with a song. sooo true, sooo funny 😂

corona bavaria ~ bitte geht! (~ politicians, just go away!)

... söder, geht's denn noch a bisserl blöder? ... 😁

enjoy few pictures & insights from the wonderful querdenker (unconventional thinker) demo organized by querdenken-871 (landshut) against restrictions of human rights through corona plandemic at marienplatz in munich today:

liebe ~ wahrheit ~ einigkeit ///
frieden, freiheit, liebe, gleichheit (für bayern und die welt) 😃
zeugen coronas ~ corona's witnesses
obey! & erster RNA-Impfstoff - Proband
the group weißhemden from beilngries spoke about problems with authorities from eichstätt during their demos
friedensfahrzeug & arche noah
frieden, freiheit, wahrheit, liebe (für bayern und die welt) 😃
bavarian police is still somehow human, if you asked me. munich is not berlin or paris 😉
the ruffini tower does not exist anymore ...
rindermarkt square
munich is nice, isn't it?
covid-18, covid-19, covid-20 by Markus Grolik
corona vaccine (impfung) by paolo calleri
there is no vaccine against rising military spending by koufogiorgos
fehlender rüstungsausgaben - impfstoff (quelle: koufogiorgos)
retail industry vs. amazon by Harm Bengen

get up, stand up, don't give up the fight ... bob marley's (& occupywallstreet's) revolutionary song performed by turbolenz in munich 😍😃

the key note speakers today were the ex-police officer karl hilz and the querdenken lawyer markus haintz ...

Rechtsanwalt Markus Haintz über die Fortführung des Bürgerprotestes. Auf YouTube sind zig/hunderte tolle Videos vom Markus Haintz, wo er über Fakten zu Corona sowie über mögliche Hintergründe dieser verfassungswidrigen Freiheítsberaubung über neue diktatorische Züge der BRD spricht.

karl hilz (polizisten für aufklärung) about the duties and morals of police vs. police actions today (münchen, 19.12.2020)

enjoy virolenz / pestilenz / turbolenz performing a reinhard mey's song "sei wachsam!" (= be aware!). maybe better than the original + this recording 😏

 enjoy one more song from turbolenz: brunzbieslbläd (~ means people are stupid)

more pictures here.

Monday, December 14, 2020

sitzmeditation ~ sitting meditation FOR FREEDOM

sitzmeditation ~ peaceful sitting meditation 'Meditation & Tanz' for FREEDOM and against all these misanthropic (menschenfeindlich) corona measures. we have had this beautiful meditation in munich each monday evening for 30 weeks. the pictures here are from the last 3 events november, 30th + december, 7th + december, 14th. after the 1st hour of meditation there was a 2nd part, too ~ dancing for FREEDOM 😄. Now we have a christmas holidays break till january 18th, 2021. i look forward to see these people again in 2021.

enjoy few insights, candle lights, two music videos below (dervish dance + peace song) and the soul healing mood (at least it was healing for my pour soul thanks to graciette's wonderful voice + precious contributions) 💓, but first read (in german) what i just found on the internet at biopraktik.de:

Wenn Masken helfen, wieso dann 1,5 Meter Abstand?
Wenn der Abstand hilft, wieso dann Masken?
Wenn Masken und Abstand helfen, wieso dann der Lockdown?

Wenn der erste Lockdown funktionierte, warum brauchen wir dann einen weiteren?
Wenn der erste Lockdown nicht funktioniert hat, warum brauchen wir dann einen weiteren?
Wenn Masken, Abstand und Lockdown helfen, wieso dann eine Impfung?
Wenn die Impfung sicher ist, wieso gibt es dann einen Haftungsausschluss bei Impfschäden?

Wenn Ungeimpfte Geimpfte gefährden, wozu dann die Impfung? 😜

and yes, please do worry, it is a PLAN 😱

nr. 6 (mutation) done, i.e. the soooo dangerous soth africa & england mutation, january 2021) ~ source / besser lesbare quelle: here and the english original: https://thecanadianreport.ca/is-this-leaked-memo-really-trudeaus-covid-plan-for-2021-you-decide/
bertholt brecht ~ source: here
albert d. BIDERMAN's CHART OF COERCION / Biderman's Principles (used in the Korea War?) ~ bidermans diagramm des zwangs => blaupause für die corona-maßnahmen?
david icke ~ the original video in english here on bitschute (PROOF THAT "COVID LAWS" ARE THE SYSTEMATIC DEMOLITION OF THE HUMAN PSYCHE - DAVID ICKE) begins with the CIA program „MK-ULTRA“ ....  alternative watch the video with german translation here on youtube:
david icke, german translation ...

... and now enjoy the demo pictures 😍:

munich, max-joseph-platz ~ november, 30th 2020
münchen, max-joseph-platz ~ december, 7th 2020
munich, marienplatz ~ december, 14th 2020
the freedom begins in your head & opa for future
if you are interested in future events, just search for the (private) group 'Meditation & Tanz' (für Freiheit und Selbstbestimmung) at facebook, you will find all the details needed or just ask me 😉

enjoy the short dervish dance (derwisch) video recorded on marienplatz on december, 14th 2020

what a nice 2 minutes peace song in german 😃:

just in case, you would like to strengthen your immune system, here are few ideas to follow:

quelle hier

few more pictures here.