Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 ~ my financial disaster is over

my performance 2012 + outlook 2013++

the real year end numbers will be coming soon, right after the u.s. + canadian markets close or tomorrow if i should be already too drunken in order to forget 2012 asap ... but i can tell you right now, this year was a disaster not only for my buy-and-hold mining stocks portfolio like in 2011 but also my micro trading account suffered a lot. why all of that? unfortunately, mainly because the real world out there did not fit to my believes about the world, economy, markets :-(
  • my micro trading account ~ re-opened after 7 months break in may 2012 ~ strategy: long only commodities like oil, silver, orange juice, coffee, cocoa, wheat, corn, sugar + natural gas ~ mainly with stop loss orders and profit taking orders ~ approximately minus 2,000 €uros i.e. minus 67,30% => omg :-(
  • my investment account ~ strategy: buy-and-hold mostly mining or explorer stocks from the sectors gold, silver, base metals (especially copper + iron) plus some green energy and technology ~ approximately minus 74,000 €uros, the percentage is difficult to compute as i did often add new money into new or existing positions, but i guess the loss in 2012 was about 20% => omg, omg, omg ... all of my 2010 fictive profits are gone and 11% of initially invested capital is gone with it ... omg :-( ... btw, the most relevant underlyings for my stock positions gold and silver were up 7% and 8% in 2012 respectively. not too bad, wouldn't you say? well, the markets do not have to be rational all the time :-(((
anyway, let's hope the upcoming year of the snake (= 2013) will be much, much, much better for commodity investments than the year of the dragon was ... or at least that i will be able to adjust my strategy to the real world in the financial markets :-)

my outlook for 2013? not much different from previous years ... even if the current markets play the deflation card with falling commodity prices all over the board, i believe that the reckless money printing by our western governments and their small dirty central banks ECB, FED, BoE, SNB, BoJ, etc. will finally cause inflation, inflation, inflation with rising commodity + cost of living prices; the protectionism will cause a collapse of trade and the economy; the financial-military complex  will start a NATO war against iran even if iran did not threat any other country in the last few hundred years (unless the west would succeed to corrupt or assassinate iranian leaders or to 'buy' an al-qaeda / muslim brotherhood driven 'revolution' in iran ... do you remember the war template used in iraq, libya, syria?).

any other forecast? yes, the fraudulent debt + phony economy system will not survive 2013 as its lifeblood, the paper money system, will finally crash. why a monetary reform right in 2013? well, mainly because the system didn't crash in 2012, my dears and because there is a rising awakening and awareness all over the world, so there will be less people who will accept the power elites' solution which in the last few decades always was money printing + reduction of democracy + rising surveillance of own citizens + the like. just consider, 4 years after the stock market crash of 1929 came the great depression. now, 4 years after the crash of 2008 and after our current corrupt leaders made already similar mistakes as the past leaders did 80 years before (e.g. protectionism or the huge misallocation of capital through government's stimulus), the economy should reach the same disastrous state like it have had in 1933 i fear ....

anyway, go gold bugs go and let's finally crash the fraudulent fiat money system in 2013. yeah, let's make a better 2013 or at least a change for a better world :-)

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Friday, December 28, 2012

christmas in poland

eat, drink, sleep, eat, drink, sleep, eat, drink, ... 😄
when visiting family in poland, you have to eat a lot, especially at xmas, my dears :-)

the nicest shopping center in the world i have ever seen = manufaktura / manufa (more pictures). this time we decided to meet friends in its beer drinking temple with own brewery, the bavarian style pub bierhalle
the best of all wives
small sweet santa (more santa pictures)

any additional insights? yep, poland is not the cheap cheap country it used to be, many prices are very similar to prices we have in germany. we have been just 1 week here this time, so i couldn't see much economic change or much improvement since our last visit, but lets mention one very important issue to us: finally there is a new autobahn around the city of wroclaw, it always has been a nightmare to move forward through the old city roads paved with cobbles ... at least one positive and lasting impact of the european soccer championship which took place in poland and ukraine this summer ;-)

anyway, the shops + pubs + restaurants are full of people buying stuff, eating + drinking + laughing, the cinema we have been was almost empty .... let's hope the polish economy will develop fine and so will my recent polish investment, the copper + silver producer KGHM 

Sunday, December 23, 2012

santa santa ... merry xmas, dear friends :-)

friends, i have been fighting all the year for peace, freedom, democracy and thus against the system i.e. against the current paper money mafia, against the undustrial-military-complex, against the corrupt politics and the like .... well, there should be also some joy in life, isnt it? so let's enjoy your xmas and let's hope these santas will improve your mood 

source: here
or do you better like this santa?
(source unknown)
or this one? at least the gifts seem to be interesting :-)
(source unknown)

me + next santa ~ so small, so sweet ;-)
if your santa didn't show up, maybe that could be the reason ...
(source: Larry Wright, December 24, 2009)

you now what? why don't you look for yur own santa? just ask google
picture source

ok, i'll try to pre-select the query for you, enjoy and yes, after the result list opens, just chose picture menu  

Thursday, December 20, 2012

think global, act local => #jarobuys local: data modul + KGHM (top world silver producer 2011)

even if i like nice 'cinderella' stories of small undervalued mining and exploration companies from all over the world, let's give the fat cats also their chance. my wife i.e. best of all wives is polish, so why not to include a polish company into my portfolio? especially a company, which mines in lower silesia (slansk, schlesien, sliezsko) we pass by on our trips from munich to lodz few times a year? what do you suggest, should i visit a mine (or the company museum) on our xmas trip to lodz on saturday? nope, not at our upcoming night trip, but maybe sometimes in summer.

dear KGHM polish copper, welcome to my portfolio. KGHM is not only one of the biggest copper producers in the world (#10 in 2011) but it is the single biggest silver producer in the world as well, just see the picture below. hmmmm, not bad for a by-product point of view, isn't it? although it employs 28,000 people it is still a relatively small company in terms of market cap with only approximately $9 billion. why so low? well, mr. market does not understand much about eastern europe, if you asked me :-). any other investment related topics? yes, there are at least two more: it is a partially state owned company (31.79% owned by polish treasury and 68.21? by other investors like me). what's the other issue? it is linked to the first one: KGHM pays fat dividends, often more than 50% of its profit. why? of course, 'the' state always needs money. that was an easy one, true?

top silver producers 2011

source: here

my 2nd purchase this week? data modul, my home town (munich) based high-tech company which produces displays, embedded systems, printers and the like ...

well, i had both companies on my watch list for a long time, but didn't had money to buy any shares, so i used my xmas salary payment from the end of november to finally add these 2 companies to my portfolio. of course, the price was much much higher than it would be after the summer market crash, but i do not worry too much about it as i know, that unlike the state i only can buy some stuff when i have the money to do so ...

good luck my two pretty portfolio fighters, good luck :-)

fino, a fat cat too


Friday, December 14, 2012

where is the GOLD? queen elisabeth knows for sure ;-)

one hundred trillion dollars? yep, the largest denomination currency ever issued. friends, i'm a trillionaire now, you know?
where the hell is the land of trillionaires?

zimbabwe's dictator mugabe needed approximately 10 years to destroy the switzerland of africa (rhodesia) and 'create' economic collapse + hyperinflation + poverty all over the country ... how much longer will need 'our' fiat money mafia consortium FED, ECB, SNB, BOE, BOJ and their small dirty buddies, our current politicians to do the same to our communities? any guess out there?

btw, does it make any sense to keep / save / heap up paper money? no, just ask the billionaires. they count on GOLD and they make sure there is all their GOLD, not any IOU papers, you know?
source: here

queen visits (audits?) the bank of england's gold reserves ... wanna see the video? here we go for gold (watch out, the link refers to mainstream media, thus some stupid advertisement comes first, the story second, next advertisement after that ... omg ;-()

btw, do YOU still believe in paper currency? don't be that stupid and yes, here are some reasons why you shouldn't waste any time and GO FOR GOLD :-)

what is the value of my one hundred trillion zimbabwe dollars? zero, of course. why? well, every paper currency finally returns to its intristic value, which is zero. just ask voltaire, my dears.

just in case you wonder where i've got that nice zimbabwe bill, it was a stark reminder of how bad things can actually get from my friends at my gold & copper exploration and royalties company, EurasianMinerals (EMX).

go gold bugs go and let's CRASH the fraudulent fiat money system NOW :-)

addendum january 2nd, 2013: folks, i have bought few more EMX shares as i have decided to sell part of my orko silver shares (recently taken over by first majestic silver) and put the money in companies where the story + fantasy isn't over yet ...


Sunday, December 9, 2012

wake up, my dears ~ switch off mainstream media

the current goal?
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few examples how the dirty main stream media game works. what about obama?
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and now please wake up, my dears ... which one in the following picture is YOU? 😏
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more mainstream media (MSM), source here .... that's a horrible way to insult prostitutes, isn't it? 
let's call them better presstitutes 😆

source here

how the mainstream media propaganda works. west vs. east. source here

next one, source+story here ... this picture insults witches, true?
what to do against that? let's join in the streets => OccupyWallStreet, OWS, OccupyYourStreet, OccupyTogether, RealDemocracyNow, my dears 😄

... and yes, let's avoid this, my dear police:
source: here
source: freiheitsgedanken @instagram

don't fear our fight for freedom 2012 or the rEVOLution, friends ... everyone fears someone / something :-)
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Monday, December 3, 2012

andreas popp, wissensmanufaktur ~ lust auf neues geld und bessere welt?

klartext (i.e. cleartext), 7 minutes (added may 4th, 2013)


30 minutes video presentation from leipzig ...

bildquelle: hier

andreas popp, der frühere bankmanager und jetzt finanziell unabhängig und kämpfer für eine bessere und nachhaltige welt für uns alle und unsere nachkommen .... bekannt von der wissensmanufaktur, internet, eloquenten vorträgen, büchern, ... zusammen mit unterstützer rico albrecht für begriffe wie 'plan B' (details + video), 'steuerboykott' (e-book, 39 pages, 'must read' ~ pdf-download in german, greek, italian), 'danistokratie' (zinswucher, zinssklave, zinssklaverei) usw zuständig ... und natürlich für 'politdarsteller', die wohl treffendste bezeichnung für unsere ach so tollen volksverRÄter 

andreas popp + rico albrecht, bildquelle plan B (inkl. video)

ok, ich verfolge politik nur noch am rande und hoffe, daß wir leute werden diese korrupten verräter einfach abschaffen können, aber das wird wohl noch etwas zeit benötigen, da z.b. von meinen kollegen/innen also sozusagen der 'mittelschicht' keine/r bereit ist auf die straße zu gehen und/oder aus dem system/hamsterrad auszusteigen ... aber andreas popp und seine wissensmanufaktur zeigen wege, wie man das system verlassen kann, so dass nur noch eine leere hülle übrig bleibt ...

hier nun das super 30 min video ... raus aus der sackgasse, schluß mit der schuldensklaverei, rein in ein neues geld- u. wirtschaftssystem und in eine ressourcenschonende bedarfsökonomie ... eine bessere welt ist möglich, eine mögliche welt ist besser. wie? ganz einfach per 4-punkte system:
  1. fließendes geld(system) statt inflationärem papiergeld ('schwundgeld') ~ hier hätte ich natürlich statt dessen die gold-/silberdeckung befürwortet, die sich ja seit jahrtausenden bewährt hat, werde mich aber mit popp's fließendem geldsystem (pdf-download) noch näher beschäftigen, also wer weiß? (1 woche später): also, fließendes geld, was mit der zeit weniger wird und durch die wertverlustangst der konsum angekurbelt wird? hmmmm, überzeugt mich nicht! das haben wir ja mit unserem inflationären (ungedecktem) papiergeld doch jetzt schon. jeder kennt die inflation und macht anschaffungen lieber jetzt als später (wohnimmobilien etc) und braucht unser planet wirkich noch mehr konsum und somit noch mehr resourcenverschwendung als wir jetzt schon haben? wohl eher nicht. also dann doch lieber ein mit gold / silber / sonstwas gedecktes geld, welches wir erst einmal erarbeiten, dann damit wirtschaften und erst danach die jahresüberschüsse für neue investitionen ausgeben könnten. das würde doch das tempo der naturzerstörung erheblich verlangsamen und sinnlosinvestitionen wie unsere ach so tollen kriege in afghanistan, irak, libyen, syrien sowie sinnlossubventionen von banken, autofirmen (abwrackprämie, kurzarbeit), atomenergie, lebensraum zerstörender fischerei + agrarwirtschaft (butterberge, milchseen, palmölplantagen in den tropen, usw) und ähnliche kapitalverschwendung wäre bei einem ehrlichen geldsystem geschichte :-)
  2. soziale bodenreform
  3. BGE ~ bedingungsloses grundeinkommen
  4. freie presse
als ergebnis wären dann so etwas wie regionale republiken mit viel demokratie denkbar :-)

und last bur not least, hier das video, genießen sie es, meine lieben :-)

übrigens, warum das ganze? weil (quelle hier) ... Weil die Lösung der Krise, die mittlerweilen nicht nur unser gesamtes System, sondern auch unsere Existenz bedroht, ebenso gesucht werden muss. Das heisst, nicht mit jenen Mitteln, die zwar vorhanden sind, aber bisher keine wie auch immer geartete Verbesserung gebracht haben - im Gegenteil, alle bisherigen Versuche haben die Abwärts-Dynamik der Krise beschleunigt, egal wie hoch der finanzielle Einsatz war - sondern mit einer kompletten Neustrukturierung des Systems.

und hier noch ein älteres (und kürzeres) video über die griechenland meme

addendum dezember 2013, staatsverschuldung, bessere welt: