Thursday, June 30, 2011

impact silver + energold drilling

investor lunch with impact silver 2day, so i enjoyed the chance to met company representaives again and get some update on operations without having to read the soooo boring drilling news sunny crams full my inbox with. hell, why that strange headline? easy question, my dear! impact + energold share a lot of stuff like e.g. the CEO fred davidson, office rooms in vancouver, some accountants etc and last but not least a success story inside my portfolio!

well, i have built up my impact position in 7 small steps between december 2007 and january 2011 and you know what? despite the bloody mining market collapse since april all of them are in the money for an average gain of 120% => could be worse, isnt it? of course, could be better as well, just look at energold, my sweet drill rig provider. they make money no matter whether their customers find any significant mineralization or not, thats great i believe ;=). well, my tiny position from december 2008 is up 450% ... OMG! .... me, stupid idiot, why didnt i buy 10,0000,000 energold shares when investors sold shares of promising companies for prices next to nothing but only few hundreds shares? ..... hmmmm, any idea out there? well, it was AFTER the crash and thus after ive lost 60%-80% of my wifes+childrens money in the markets and hadnt any money left, honey ;-(

btw, did fred say anything abt the company, its prospects and the like during his presentation? of course he did, but u dont expect my stupid brains remembered a thing or two since lunch time, do u? anyway, lets try 2 put some pieces of the investment puzzle 2gether:
  • silver, lead, zinc, copper, gold in mexico
  • what abt few impact investors? energold drilling, eric sprott (asset mngmt), david morgan, fred, myself ... well, is prolly not the proper order, i think :-)
  • profitable!
  • no debt!
  • they have no NI 43-101 compliant resource base at their 500 tpd plant but produce silver & co anyway! thats strange ... but somehow simpatico, isnt it? why the drill sooooo many expensive holes only for some NI 43-101 reasons when they can just mine their property and generate cash without all this bureaucratic overhead? 
  • next small 200 tpd mill planned in 2012 in order to play a little bit in the surrounding hills before the 'big' decision for the proper big mill (2,000 tpd?) comes to maturity ...
  • different metals + ore grades minable depending on current spot prices ~ a great advantage as well, my dear!
  • ...

anything else? coming soon or never ;-)

addendum june 6, 2011: ive increased my impact position a little bit @ CAD 2 per share yesterday :-)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

MAN = trucks + buses + engines ... next AGM 2day

2011's AGM 2day: well, after volkswagen (VW) increased its share in MAN above the 30% level, the most important issue was the future cooperation between VW + MAN + SCANIA. my guess? sooner or later there will be only VW or its 100% owned subsidiaries next to seat, skoda, porsche, audi, bentley, lamborghini ... of course its pity, just remember MAN is a really traditional bavarian company with over 250 years of history!

of course, there was a little bit abt MAN's business as well: a successful year is over, higher revenue, profit from operations, dividends, no. 1 market is china prolly because of the huge ship diesel engines sold there ... and yes, MAN went green! ecology, which basically means lower gas consumption) is the no. 1 issue :-)

lets show ya 2 of the products presented:
the next generation ecological / economical truck or just a future truck of the future?

hybrid (city) bus

what abt last years event? just follow this link :-)

Sunday, June 26, 2011

SAVE the WORLD = the story of stuff + zeitgeist + jacque fresco + let's gogreen + ...

Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does. ~ William James
‎"The biggest gap in your life is that between what you know and what you do." ~ Steven Covey
source: here

22 minutes, if you asked me, 100% worth the time invested, let's #gogreen dear friends and enjoy , but please do not go to the 6 minutes video at the bottom of this blog post first, it would make you cry ... the famous charlie chaplin speach about humanity (3.5 minute) is also embedded below ...

  • what a paradox! the most green movements come from the usa and so comes the major destruction of worlds resources (approx 30% with only 5% of worlds population) => hmmmm, any idea why???
btw, wanna more of this kind of stuff? ok, let's present few great minds and great ideas and yes, let's implement few of these ideas in our daily lives, just like gandhi said many years ago: BE THE CHANGE that you want to see in the WORLD :-)
venus video #1:

venus video #2:

ps: thx goodness there is the INTERNET 2DAY! now we can easily share wisdom all over the planet and team up fast in order to end (western) power elites' dirty game ... why the hell are we still not many enough or clever enough or both in order to quit the current freedom+nature destroying path???

lets fight 2gether 4 fair + peaceful + sustainable world on planet earth 

pps: earth? doomsday 2012? only a matter of perspective ~ what a romantic end of the world ... seen from mars ~ lol

Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does. ~ William James
‎"The biggest gap in your life is that between what you know and what you do." ~ Steven Covey

quote by pastor martin niemöller (english translation below):

„Als die Nazis die Kommunisten holten,
habe ich geschwiegen; ich war ja kein Kommunist.
Als sie die Sozialdemokraten einsperrten,
habe ich geschwiegen; ich war ja kein Sozialdemokrat.
Als sie die Gewerkschafter holten,
habe ich nicht protestiert; ich war ja kein Gewerkschafter.
Als sie die Juden holten, habe ich nicht protestiert; ich war ja kein Jude.
Als sie mich holten, gab es keinen mehr, der protestierte.


as the nazis got the communist,
i was silent; i wasn't a communist.
as they've imprisoned the social democrats,
i was silent; i wasn't a social democrat.
as they've got the unionists,
i didn't protest; i wasn't a unionist.
as they've got the jews,
i didn't protest; i wasn't a jew.
as they have got me, there was noone left to protest.
(pastor martin niemöller)

folks, lets IMAGINE + lets CREATE a better world  ... will we? how 2 do that? easy! we still have the freedom of choice ... so lets choose the GOOD and lets refuse the evil in our every day actions and lets motivate the people aroiund us 2 do the same ;-)

3.5 minutes in english, charlie chaplin

again charlie chaplin's speach, just different pictures presented

3 minutes in german, steven seagal

OMG+OMG+OMG! even 13 year old children (severn cullis-suzuki) are much smarter + much more awoke than all the adults running the world ... shame on us adults for not making the world better :-( ... it wouldnt be difficult or costly or whatever else we fear that much ;-(

addendum corona-years 2020+2021: the solution? just watch the intercept_ @ the leap project?

Thursday, June 23, 2011

investor nightmare

sh*t! ... red all over the screen :-(

world markets ...

my trading account ... im not gonna show ya my investment account in order 2 spare your tears :-)

just 1 last note, this is not a nightmare .. its real, thats the markets right now ... damned hell! the ugly 2008 crash came back ... my stocks prolly 30% down since january despite the still sooo high gold/silver/copper/etc prices ... (gold $1,518 per ounce) ...

what a coincidence of destiny: 2days quotation recieved: Misery generates hate. ~ Charlotte Bronte (1816-1855)

anyway, i like an another quotation more: For every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness ~ unknown (ie im 2 lazy 2 google the web 4 the author)

Sunday, June 19, 2011

lago di garda (lake garda), verona, milano, brixen / south tyrol ~ 1 week in northern italy

we have just spent a week at lake garda (lago di garda, gardasee) between sirmione and desenzano, northern italy. well, the lake was cold like ice from the surrounding alp mountains, so we didnt hesitate 2 visit verona, milano, brixen, south tyrol there :-)

lets upload few pictures 1st (prolly too many, so just skip some of them):
  • lago di garda ~ our hotel, sirmione, desenzano 
  • verona ~ a great city! i liked it a lot ... and they have a free wifi on top ;-)
  • milano ~ a nice city square, the remaining part was dissapointing 4 me
  • brixen ~ south tyrol, a beatiful old german/austrian town in northern italy close to the austrian border
will prolly add some insights later on or never, who knows?

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

iron ore! alderon resource?

next investor lunch event 2day ~ alderon resource ~ my promising iron ore play from labrador (quebec / canada) ... why the hell iron ore? thats why!

china needs steel, a lot of steel! just in case you havent your calculator by hand, the difference between left and right picture is 20 years, not more, not less ... its as easy as that, iron ore :-)

well, i own already few shares since the encanto potash presentation in october when i just bought alderon res + alexco silver straight from daniels list without knowing any more than the name and a sentence or two abt their bussines/prospects ... btw, despite the crazy 2008-like mining market correction in the last few weeks, alexco is still +44% and alderon +50% since then :-)

iron ore projects are really easy to evaluate, u know? well, there should be some iron in the ground and then you need only 3 more things:

electric power + railway + port

alderon has all of them ;-) .... hmmmmm, a future many-bagger, isnt it?

ps: if u still have some money, take a look at alderons major shareholder, altius minerals (ALS.TO) as well. its a royalty company which reminds me on globex mining. why? prolly cos of the similarly few shares outstanding and similar business model. of course, globex is more early stage ie higher risk involved + higher returns in case of success ...

pps: do u still remember alderon's labrador neighbors cap-ex ventures? theyve been 2 munich 2 or 3 weeks ago ...

Sunday, June 5, 2011

wake up, homo sapiens! ~ by chris martenson

wake up, my dear homo sapiens, wake up!

what abt the next chapter? yep, it follows soon ... just let me tell ya if u are not too familiar with all that exponential functions concerning money supply, energy usage, population growth, art extinction, inflation, dwindling savings, corrupt politics and its small dirty buddies in the so called 'central' banks, etc ... so pls stop watching these 'summary' lessons ive posted here and just go through the chapters 1, 2, 3, ..., 17 on, will ya? IMHO it is 100% worth the time spent and yes, it is not the kind of stuff u woudda like 2 enjoy in your 10 free minutes between dinner and checking the stock market results for the day ... u have to take the time needed and btw the videos are soooooo well + understandable + in some way optimistic produced, that u will enjoy them all, i think :-)

chapter 19:

chapter 20 (final chapter: what can we do?):

thx chris 4 all that education u provide 4 free in order to save our planet .... thx, thx, thx!

btw, by coincidence i just donated some money 2day 4 greenpeace's new warrior 4 the nature, the new rainbow warrior ship ... wanna read the story (and also help the nature)? here we go: lets save the planet NOW ;-)

Saturday, June 4, 2011

gerald celente ~ a sad forecast this time ~ hell! hell! hell! lets do against that! lets build up a new warrior! greenpeace's rainbow warrior :-)

addendum october 2012: enjoy this great, great interview gerald celente gave the daily bell in august 2012. dear munich fellows, gerald celente will speak 45 minutes at the precious metals fair in munich next saturday (november 3rd, 2012). don't miss it :-)

as far as i can remember, beside peter joseph (the movie author) also jacque fresco and gerald celente contributed a lot to the sooooo touching zeitgeist addendum movie ... and yes, today i have heard a great, great, great audio interview with gerald celente @ king world news. ENJOY :-)

few key words? revolution, fraudulent fiat money, rising prices of food, gold, silver, revenge for all that bombs thrown in middle/near east, millions of folks moving to europe + usa, bailouts taking money from main street to wall street, revolution ... OMG!

gerald celente @ king world news (16 minutes) 


addendum june 5, 2011: hell! hell! hell!

folks, we cant wait till someone else rescues the world/planet/etc ... WE HAVE TO DO IT ... so why not to start immediately?

well, ive just bought a part of greenpeace's new rainbow warrior ship ... ehhhhm, of course, ive donated for  ... a part of floor is mine! wanna do the same? our planet needs warriors = our planet needs YOU!

=> PLEASE Help Greenpeace build the new Rainbow Warrior. Purchase an item of the new Rainbow Warrior and become its owner. I DID 

what about some update? march 2012, here we go :-)

update october 2013

... and december 2013 with outlook for 2014


no gold @ fort knox? ... poor strauss-kahn ...

no gold @ fort knox and IMF chief dominique strauss-kahn arrested because of discovering that untold common knowledge? and russia's putin says that to the world via kremlin's website?
dominique strauss-kahn (source: the linked website below)

of course, i dont know how reliable the source of that information is, but it is a funny 5 min article, anyway => enjoy ...

Friday, June 3, 2011

rob mcewen

a great 15 min audio interview with rob mcewen by eric king at king world news few days ago!

hell, it is always a pleasure 2 listen 2 folks who have success in the financial markets cos they see the opportunities ahead the curve ... wanna know what rob thinks abt gold / silver / USD / financial policies (QE 3, 4, 5?) / major mining companies / next opportunities / etc ???

well, lets listen 2 one of the most succesful guys in the gold mining & investment business, prolly even the most succesful one, at least as far as i know .... and enjoy his honest nature when answering direct questions abt his own moves ....

source of the picture + link to the interview: 

enjoy :)

Thursday, June 2, 2011


mainstream media panic? mainstream media manipulation? .... and the spanish cucumbers are not the source of infection? well, today are many innocent spanish and german cucumber producers bankrupt or nearly bankrupt :-(. the same story as last years 'vaccination selling' swine flu (H1N1) + bird flu (H5N1) + SARS etc media made panics? corrupt mainstream media!

whats the real numbers? well, is the 2011 'media issue' far below average?

there was a picture @wikipedia few days ago with 9 dead folks in 2011, now is it a delete-candidate and the archived chart ends in 2010 (???), so pls make your own judgement ...