Sunday, March 28, 2021

steinbach creek (zwieselberg 1348m)

what a strange winter walk at the steinbach creek today. we have had a beautiful weather, sun, warm 9 degrees celsius, but not the right shoes for my wife 😍 ... after 1 hour and completely wet feet we had to turn back and we will probably visit the small zwiesel mountain = zwieselberg (1348m) in summer time, when the snow disappears ... it was a nice day in the bavarian alps, anyway 😄

waldherralm (740m)
wackersberg, lehen
good-bye, steinbach creek
good-bye, bavarian alps 😃

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more pictures here.

Saturday, March 13, 2021

fight for health, freedom and human rights

corona is bad, the restriction of human rights, too => what's the best possible solution for our society? 🍀🍀🍀

well, there are basically 2 groups of people. the first fear corona, the second fear the abolition of our citizen rights ... hmmmm, what if we just accepted that we have different views and stop hating each other? the atmosphere in the society is already really bad, anyway ... let's listen to the arguments of each of these groups and yes, both groups have valid arguments ... let's be grateful for the hard work of the health care workers, protect the risk groups, do not spread careless the disease and yes, let's fight together for our basic civil rights 💕 ... just to make it clear, i hope my pessimistic opinion is wrong and my daughters and other supporters of (most of the) corona measures are right as their opinion means a nicer future for all of us 😃🍀

one year of lockdown is enough!

today there were protests in all 16 federal states in germany in front of their respective parliament buildings. thus our activists' group met in front of the bavarian parliament in the maximilianstrasse in munich (it is located in the old city district of lehel).

considering the huge amount of police i just wondered, how could the symbolical 1% (government, industrial lobbyists, world econimic forum ('the great reset'), bilderbergers & co.) suppress us, the symbolical 99%? if the police (and soon the army too?) would not support them, they couldn't, could they?

enjoy few pictures from lehel, maximilian street and from marienplatz where we moved later on. well, after the police cancelled our demonstration before it started (they've said the corona distance of 1.5m between protesters was nort maintained), we sat down on the street and carried out our civil disobedience sitting and staying there for 2 hours ... they could not carry all of us away 😄

enjoy few pictures:

U4/U5 - lehel
maximilianeum, the bavarian parliament at isar river
do you like the 'new normal'? me not, just in case you did not knew ...
the vaccine monster + an old guy, who've seen to pass centuries away ...
civil disobedience
 angela merkel 😈
massenmdientreues schlafschaf 😁
no mandatory vaccination
let's stop the great reset
our demo was cancelled by the police before it started ... we did not care, we stayed there

munich is a beautiful historic city, you know?
matchless motocycles & cars. founded 1899 in london, GB
munich ...
a hotel at the isartor old city gate
old town hall (altes rathaus) and the toys museum tower
the new town hall + markus söder, the current bavarian prime minister and huuuge supporter of anti-democtratic corona measures
the (red haired) UlliOma demo at marienplatz
back to common sense, please ...
polonaise at the marienplatz
merkel muss weg + söder muss weg
who is here the clown? the police officer, isn't he? 😂
enjoy two short videos: söder muss weg ...
... and polonaise at the marienplatz in münchen

meditation & tanz @ marienplatz in june 2021

more pictures here.