Saturday, September 26, 2020

enjoy medieval franconia

i like timber-framed (fachwerk) houses a lot, you know? there are plenty of them in franconia (franken), my dears 😃

well, my wife have visited a not too good NLP seminar in pleinfeld close to the lake brombachsee and i could work (mobile) from there and also swim & walk one week long in the surroundings. nice.

the medieval city of spalt

my/our stops were:

  • lake brombachsee at ramsberg and pleinfeld
  • spalt
  • pleinfeld
  • st. veit
  • ellingen
  • roth
  • lake heiligenwaldsee
  • fortress wülzburg ~ festung wülzburg over the city of weissenburg

enjoy few pictures:

lake brombachsee is an artificial lake as they dammed up the brombach river
few grubers over there, strong on 2 feet ... and strong on 2 wheels :-)
waldcamping (camping in the forest) plienfeld 
hotel sonnenhof, pleinfeld
(a little bit too expensive for the service provided, if you asked me)

spalt, franconia (franken)
the brewery in spalt (spalter bier) since 1538
true or just funny? i could not ask many locals...
in spalt, in spalt, da werden die leute gar alt. sie können niX dafür, das macht das gute bier 😃
bavarian purity requirement (reinheitsgebot) from 1516 by ruler duke wilhelm IV
good-bye, spalt

good-bye, pleinfeld + brombachsee

ellingen, the gate pleinfelder tor
old timber-framed houses
town hall, ellingen
justitia or justice?
liebe heilt? love heals 😄

Saturday, September 12, 2020

STOP all corona measures NOW! dear friends, let's protest. when? NOW. WHEN ELSE?

there was a huge demo against corona measures in munich (sept 12, 2020) 😄, just see all my insight, pictures and protest songs below ...

so true => thanks, omaha 💗 (source here)

why do i think all this corona madness out there is not about the health of the people but about control and vaccination as a final step of total control? well, we have usually 10,000 - 20,000 flue related death cases in germany per flue season according to official government statistics. in this corona covid-19 flue season we have had 'only' approximately 9,000 corona infected people who died (on various diseases). this is not only less than 1% or even less than 1‰ (per mille) of total german population of 83 millions, it is only about 0.1‰, HELLO, can YOU see a pandemic on the horizon? i can't. of course, thanks goodness this CORONA Covid-19 / SARS-CoV-2 virus is that weak, but the almost worldwide executed corona-reasoned-repression is nort weak at all. it is unbelievable if you asked me. admitted, i could never ever imagine a year ago it will not be allowed to visit own children/parents or that we will be forced to wear this stupid muzzle (maulkorb) masks in germany 😭😧

source: german official tracking insitute RKI on 20/11/20 with data from 19/11/20 here

just to set it into perspective: in germany, we have approx. 900,000 deaths a year (e.g. exactly 932,272 in 2017 according to german statistics office here) with a population of 83 million people. out of this death toll numbers are cardiovascular diseases (344,524 or 37%) and cancer (227,590 or 24.4%) the two biggest categories. flu diseases are supposed to count for 10,000 - 30,000 deaths a year (according to various sources). in the above statistics source were 1,176 deaths diagnosed in 2017 as directly influenza virus related, which would mean all kinds of flu count for approx. 10,000 victims ... and you know what? 5G, glyphosates, pesticides are still allowed ... 

please read / listen to dr. wodarg who's views 'opened' my eyes already in march 2020 und who is still correct on the orchestrated corona (plandemic) hystery, if you asked me ...

=> thus as 'they' (= the NWO, who else?) just started the 2nd wave of corona repressions it is obviously about control and slavery for the most of us. orwell's 1984 with bill gates as big brother figure is coming closer, you see?

author / source: ben garrison here

... or is rather rather about huxley's brave new world? or about a combination of both?

"The further a society drifts from truth the more it will hate those who speak it." 
- George Orwell

there are huge protest in many german cities, most of them organized by the querdenken 711 team from stuttgart with founder michael ballweg, querdenken lawyer markus haintz and many more. (querdenken = creative thinking [against the tide])

juli 31th              => stuttgart  => about 15,000 protesters

august 1st          => berlin      => about 1 million protesters 

august 29th        => berlin      => about 1 million protesters 

september 12th  => munich   => about 10,000 protesters 

september 14th  => leipzig    => about 100,000 - 200,000 protesters 

september 18th  => berlin     => about 50,000 protesters 

 most common corona symptoms:

source here
source here
real pandemic vs. fake pandemic ~ quelle: ärzte für aufklärung
source here
source here
protest march + demo against corona measures in munich (sept 12, 2020) 😄, enjoy few of my impressions:
police waits at the wittelsbacher platz for us ...
demo march started at the odeonsplatz ...
PEACE car in the colors of police :-)
huge distances between protesters, you see?
bertholt brecht was right + fuck the drones, fuck the police state
source: here
querdenken supporters from austria also came to munich
antifa was also there. they were only very few and peaceful today,
so only the police paid attention.
no masks at our schools ...
huuuuge distances between protesters #2
can you name all these real criminals at the banner? 😉
WHEN the police stopped the demo march in front of a tunnel and all the people from behind walked further to the blocked passage, the 1.5m distance between people could not be ensured. THEN the police cancelled the demonstration march and all of us went on their own quasi in a parallel march to the theresienwiese, where the closing rally took place ...
pandemic or rather plandemic? ~ pandemie / plandemie? 😇
btw, here is the plan (nummer 6, also gefährliche virusmutation (südafrika-/england-variante) ebenfalls erledigt, januar 2021.) bildquelle: ... and the english original here:
the closing rally at the theresienwiese
stop 5G, the next surveillance level, too
querdenken lawyer markus haintz
querdenken founder michael ballweg
huge distances between protesters #3
so true ... die zukunft hängt davon ab, was wir heute tun (gandhi)
demask the system 😃
police state against really peaceful people, so sad 😢😏

how do you define the proportionality principle? just see the average daily deaths vs. corona-september-2020 in baden-württemberg (tagessterblichkeitsgrafik):

the homeopath dr. perin dinekli sung this corona-protest song 'ein direktes lied' (in german) at the theresienwiese, but this high quality recording was taken in leutkirch in june 2020. the song is really long indeed, but it criticizes not only the corona-reasoned-repression but many other issues in our society, too.

what about this funny kill bill song from the first wave of corona madness from march 2020? 😂

more pictures from today's demo here.

my former anti corona madness post from march here.

dear friends, what to do in order to protect our civil liberties? well, let's protest, educate and help others, build (autarkic) communities and so on ... when? NOW. WHEN ELSE? 

addendum january 30th, 2021 with the final official statistics for 2020: 

in germany we have had 39,201 deaths with corona covid-19 in 2020 according to the official RKI statistics from 29th january 2021, see the table below. and yes, they've most likely manipulated i.e. more then doubled the numbers in/from october (i've made an screenshot in late november which already contained the final data for october, just look here). anyway, when we take a population of 83.2 millions into account, it means a survival rate of  99.953%. although in december died much more people than on average, there was no significant excess mortality (übersterblichkeit) in 2020, too. just see the two mortality tables below. well, there was no pandemic (pan = all, demos = people/crowd) in 2020 but a worldwide PLANdemic about the control of us 99% by the 1% if you asked me 😓

=> 99.953% survived 😃
on top, in germany was the number of intensive care beds according to official RKI/divi statistics at no point in 2020 overloaded, just see the intensivregister stats
dark blue area means occupied intensive care beds, the upper two are free beds
death numbers overview 2016 - 2020
death numbers by age group 2020
„Der Tod sitzt vor der Stadtmauer und wartet. Ein Gelehrter kommt vorbei, setzt sich zu ihm und fragt: „ Was tust du hier?“ Der Tod antwortet: „Ich geh jetzt in die Stadt und hole mir 100 Menschen.“ Der Gelehrte rennt in die Stadt und ruft aufgeregt: „ Der Tod wird kommen und 100 Menschen mitnehmen!“ Daraufhin rennen alle Menschen panisch in ihre Häuser und sperren sich über viele Wochen ein, 5000 Menschen sterben. Als der Gelehrte die Stadt verlässt, sitzt Der Tod immer noch dort und der Gelehrte sagt zornig: „Du wolltest 100 Menschen holen, es waren aber 5000!“ Der Tod antwortete: „Ich hab 100 geholt, Kranke und Alte, wie jede Woche. Den Rest hat die Angst geholt, für die du zuständig bist!“