Tuesday, July 27, 2010


folks, just gave a young homeless guy 1 €uro in the underground station on my way home ... shall he enjoy his next beer :-)  ... btw, he asked just for 50 cents 

maybe will his evening be happier than mine ... why? well, gonna watch what mr. market did 2 my account on a day when gold/silver collapsed :-(
(source: unknown ... prolly found somewhere in the internet or in MSFT windows templates)

... ohhh, the most gold/silver stocks are down a lot 2day (minus 3% to minus 7%) ... gold -1.76%, silver -3.19% ... my account lost 'just' -1.75% as few small canadian explorers (esp. my big portfolio positions like scorpio mining, cardero resources, commerce resources, ...) did quite well ... and the most commodities in my trading account have fought also well (besides silver, of course) ... go commodities go!

btw, do u think i could get a better karma next time?  hmmmm, next life?

addendum, 07/29/2010: OMG, that karma thing really works!!!!! WHEAT, WHEAT, WHEAT + rice + gas + SUGAR (!!!) + corn + coffee .....

my CFD trading account at high-high-higher all-time-high again ... even more than 400 €uros higher than yesterday ... btw, i changed my original plan 2 wait till silver falls to $17.31 and increased my silver holdings yesterday @ 17.50 ... good luck my shiny silver, good luck :-)

go commodities go! 

Sunday, July 18, 2010

ohhhh :-(

folks, my computer died i think :( ... its not just a windows issue ... well, lets try 2 buy a motherboard + processor at ebay up to 50 €uros and give it a last trial ... if not, lets try at least to save the data ...

friday, june, 23th ... my computer @ home is still broken :-( ... its hard 2 get childrens notebooks for a while ... but i was an internet addict already, so its prolly better that way ...

addendum, august 7th, 2010: that damned computer works fine again! well, its just thx 2 a friends help and a new motherboard (50 €uros) .... still better than a new one, isnt it? 

btw, ive bought a new externernal drive 2day and im just saving all data there cos it was 2 challenging to save the data regularly on 3 or 4 dvds instead, u know?

Friday, July 9, 2010

#jarobuys wheat (~weizen~)

folks, there was a lot of discussion abt 'moral' issues when trading currencies, commodities and abt the sooooo evil speculators ....

well, ive written a nice article abt the importance of high wheat prices in order 2 ensure the supply of wheat few days ago at a german trading website ... wanna read that? thats easy, just follow that link ... btw, wanna translate that article into english? also easy! dont waste a second and start immediately and (if finished) just send it 2 me via email or post it directly as comment below in order to help the non-german-speaking-folks out there :-). will you?

addendum, july 2010: OMG! ive increased my wheat position at $430 in june (original purchase was @ $526.6) ... aaaand the current price is $661.5 (!!!)

wanna read more? here we go :-)

addendum august 6th, 2010: well, im out of wheat completely ... 2day rose wheat from $785 to $840, then started 2 fall and my position stopped out @ $757 ... (low: $730, current $747) ... 2 days ago i sold the 1st portion @ $676 (much 2 early cos of fear/panic caused by a phony 2% decline and correspondig wake-up call by some chat-buddies ... i even removed my original stop limit which would hold by sure and sold market just 2 see moving wheat to $830 ... but i know im myself responsible for my decisions, of course ;o)

missed opportunity hurts like hell ... but hopefully comes some next one soon 

Thursday, July 1, 2010

#jarobuys rice, rough rice!

(bali, indonesia, 2009)

folks, what a luck 2day! you know, i wanted 2 buy rice yesterday as i faced the message rice reached its 3 years low. my limit order was fulfilled last night @ $9.75 but i didnt realize that (do u think i should download the market opening hours at least 4 my favorite commodities, dont u?). by coincidence of luck + stupidity ive called my broker and bought one additional contract market @ $9.81 2day. that was prolly the damned market low indeed!

btw, sugar + coffee + natural GAS + orange juice + WHEAT + CORN advanced like crazy 2day and offset silver's saaaad 4.5% decline (intraday even more than 5%). who cares abt silver? im not sure yet, but i will prolly increase my silver holdings in the area of $17.33 if it fells that much 2morrow :-)

well, lets say (loud and all 2gether!) the final prayer 4 my new portfolio guest, rough rice: my dear rice, please advance in price like crazy => so i become outrageous rich soon => the farmers start producing more rice (in order 2 participate in the outrageous high price) => and thus there will be a plenty of rice out there => thus nobody will starve cos hunger is a damned ugly feeling. thx, my dear rice, thx