Sunday, November 29, 2020

st. ottilien + eresing

we have been to the st. ottilien abbey (erzabtei st. ottilien) four years ago and we did not like it. this time we walked through its backyards and we love st. ottilien now ­čśť. enjoy the strange grafitti, the jewish chapter of its WWII history and mysterious details we have captured in pictures. only the church in the abbey is still soooo cold, ugly und hostile ... but now you know where to stay, don't you?

no matter if dead or alive, forever bavarian ­čśé
how much is your soul? was kostet deine seele?
is it arts or a holy symbol? or just not nice? 
not nice either ...
the abbey vegetables garden

museum ... the monks have seen a lot of the world, you know?
left the gate to the monastery
the jewish chapter of st. ottilien 1945-1948, displaces persons after the WWII.(j├╝dische ├╝berlebende nach dem 2. weltkrieg warteten auf aufnahme in ihren ziell├Ąndern (pal├Ąstina / usa). 
st. florian is the patron of fire departments
photographer's salon
not the happiest cows, are they?
st. ulrich church in the village of eresing
st. ulrich in the st. ulrich church in eresing
december 2020

african pig plague (pest) in bavaria?
november 2020
chapel in the forest / waldkapelle
healthful st. ulrich spring (sankt ulrich quelle)
good-bye eresing + st. ottilien

more pictures here.