Monday, October 29, 2012

auer = ora => yep, we are in south tyrol :-)

auer (ora) in south tyrol (südtirol / alto adige)

finally, the decision is there: no lucerne / pilatus / heidelberg / halle / köln / spokane / st. petersburg and the like. we go to south tyrol tomorrow, a place just 3 hours away where the sun and my tax money already are :-). there are not many places in europe with nice and warm weather the next few days, you know?

hotel elefant, source of the picture + our stay in south tyrol
auer = ora
südtirol = alto adige = south tyrol
bier = birra = beer
wein = vino = wine

omg, the people are everywhere the same, i think, cheers :-)

south tyrol is not about wine only. anyway, we've enjoyed our time in a local wine cellar in auer

south tyrol

some stories / insights will prolly follow later. you know what? i have commented the most pictures, the'll tell you the story ~ enjoy ~ g+ photo album

the most strange perception in south tyrol? unlike malaysia / thailand few weeks ago, in tyrol do the locals eat the same food + drink the same beer / wine as they serve to tourist. funny, isn't it?


Sunday, October 28, 2012

first snow

first snow of the season in munich, the path isn't white yet, enjoy few pictures :-)

would you like to see few more pictures? well, you can enjoy additional 9 of my today's walk in my google+ album

NWO (new world order)

what's the future?
source: here

omg, what a politician, this dennis kucinich, i liked his views so much :-)
hell, why don't get folks like him or ron paul elected for president?

source: wikipedia

so let's listen to dennis kucinich for a while and yes, what about a new world order (NWO) of this kind?

unfortunately, the mainstream media and our current financial-military complex prefer a NWO of rockefeller + rothschild  + bush + cheney + gordon brown + the like i.e. an imperialistic wall street style NWO. what a pity we do not protest enough in order to stop it :-(

f*ck the so called elites, f*ck the NWO ... listen to anonymous 💗

anyway, let's join the revolution + let's fight for a better world => OccupyWallStreet + OccupyYourStreet + OccupyTogether => revolution 2012

newer NWO stuff (ISIS, syria, ... 2015):


never again socialism :-)

friends, let's listen to john stossel and let's stop bureaucrats, lobbyist, big governments and the like :-)
source: here

you have sooo many sweets, i will take you 50% away and give it to kids who are too lazy to go from door to door ... omg, that's socialism, isn't it? :-)

source: here

well, let's install true capitalism, free markets, freedom, will we?

source: here

addendum october 2012: damn, let's first listen what jim rogers has to tell about that issue: ~ interview with the daily bell published on october 14th, 2012

just 2 short excerpts: ...

Jim Rogers: That's the way the system is supposed to work. When people get in trouble, you clean out the system and then you start over. Competent people take over the assets, reorganize and start over. These days, with central banks and government, what happens is the central bank steps in to save everybody and instead of letting the system clean itself out the way that capitalism is supposed to work, the central banks mess it up, trying to save it. That's why the recession has lasted longer or the depression has lasted longer than it did before. So in answer to the question, yes, central banks make it worse not better.

Daily Bell: What about the resurgence of Fabian currency ideas like those held by Silvio Gesell and Major Douglas?

Jim Rogers: This did not work in the past and it won't work now. Nobody wants to be a communist any more. Nobody even wants to be a socialist – but if they want to be a socialist, they want to be a rich socialist. Now, if the world gets into more economic trouble in the next decade or so you are certainly going to have more of that kind of ideology come to the fore again. People are going to be unhappy and they are going to look for answers.

Socialism sounds okay to people, especially people who are suffering. Will it work? NO! It's never worked. Communism and socialism have failed many, many times and the propaganda notions will get the better of people when things go wrong. I am sure you are going to have a resurgence of all kinds of-off-the-wall economic theories as things get bad but none of them are going to work in the end. They may come to power but they are not going to work in the end.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

me, myself, i

is that me? unfortunately yes ... so sad, so true ... my dear internet addicts, do you see yourself as well, don't you?

source: here

Sunday, October 21, 2012

karwendel massif in the bavarian alps + mittenwald + 3 beautiful lakes

ferchensee + the wetterstein massif behind it

a buddy of mine told me this weekend is the last warm sunny time of this year and if we believe in maya calender or in destructive power of the u.s. army then probably forever ... so yes, we have spent a nice day in the beautiful bavarian alps, in the mittenwald region ...

well, we have seen the karwendel massif, 3 mountains lakes (schmalensee, lautersee, ferchensee), spent some time in the mountain village mittenwald and eat one of the best ice creams in our lives in the italian cafe over there ... but you know what? do not remind me on our way back, we have spent at least an hour in traffic jam ... maybe because many other folks had the same idea as we have had :-)

mittenwald + the karwendel massif behind it

hell, a picture says more tham thousand words, so let's move to the PICTURES (few initial pics already online, few more + my blah-blah coming soon, promised :-)

and yes, if you want to enjoy more of the beautiful bavarian countryside, just visit my old 'sightseeing' blog post HERE :-O)

Saturday, October 20, 2012

thievery = diebstahl ... paternoster, omg ;o)

friends, i've become a thief today, just look what a funny bankster paternoster i've 'obtained' today. it is the 'banker ode to taxpayers' by Michael Freuding (source: a fellow blogger's website)

source: here

Ode der Investmentbanker an den Steuerzahler

Steuerzahler auf Erden
Geheiligt werde dein Beitrag
Dein Geld komme
Marktwille geschehe
An der Börse wie auch im Clubheim

Unsern Tagesprofit gib uns heute
Stell uns frei von jeglicher Schuld 
Nicht wie wir verfahren mit Schuldigern
Und führe uns nicht in Verarmung
Sondern erlöse uns von dem Sollzins
Denn dein ist der Fleiß
Und die Kraft
Und Genügsamkeit
In Dankbarkeit


Monday, October 15, 2012

Blog Action Day, October 15, 2012

dear world, that's the #PowerOfWe, #BAD12 and #BlogActionDay, you know? well, let's spread ideas for a better world 

source of the picture + registration + livestream: here

the supporters are NGOs like greenpeace, ActionAid, HelpAge, Heifer + Oxfam and yes, they have provided some great stuff we can use in our own blogs, just visit the data material page here

well, in my case, i have joined the #13O #GlobalNOISE for #GlobalChange action day organized by the real democracy now + occupy wall street movements on saturday, so all my up to date ideas and also my 2 minutes speech to the protesters from the event stage are posted here => enjoy + join the movement. how? easy, just OccupyWallStreet + OccupyYourStreet + OccupyTogether and yes, let' help to install a worldwide real democracy now 

friends, let's save the planet ... peace 

source: here

Saturday, October 13, 2012

INDECT ~ ugly surveillance mechanism ;o(

let's think about the value of something, my friends ;o)

author/source: here

and when you get it back after losing it? difficult ... and if it is about democracy, peace, freedom, free internet and the like? difficult like hell either ...

so what is the next demo / action for a better world in munich? again against INDECT (= the EU-research 'project' Intelligent information system supporting observation)

october 20, 2012, let's protest against this ugly european surveillance mechanism. don't hesitate my dears and join us in order to protect your own + ours all freedom. wir sind hier, wir sind laut, weil ihr uns die freiheit klaut :-)). DEMO PICTURES

as you could easily see at the pictures, the protest was led by anonymous :-)

source: here
knowledge is free
we are anonymous
we are legion
we do not forgive
we do not forget

btw, our initial protest in july 2012 was semi-successful as the european union has postponed its decision about the start of the INDECT "project", you know?

well, especially we need a free internet, don't we? of course we do, thus let's stop the european internet censorship law ACTA as well ;o)
source: here

and yes, let's protect mother earth as well :-)
source: here

if people united, cannot be defeated, thus my dears OccupyWallStreet, OccupyYourStreet, OccupyTogether and yes, let's join the Я Ξ √ Ω L U T ↑ ☼ N

Friday, October 12, 2012

eric sprott

a great video with eric sprott, the canadian billionaire + investor + silver guru. well, eric sprott was the key speaker at the precious metals fair in munich last year. hell, hell, hell, eric makes  all that investment stuff easy: gold + silver + don't bother what other people say :-)

Speaking at the Casey Research Gold and Resource Summit (February 2011), Eric Sprott told investors that there is no more silver left to go around, "There's $22 billion of silver available in the world, of which the ETFs already own half, and between you guys and us we probably own the other half... Which means there's nothing left." 

and yes, if you want to read / hear opinions of more austrian economist, just go to my link library  about libertarian proposals to solve the current debt crisis and to build a sustainable and prosporous economy ;o)

addendum december 2014 (


Thursday, October 11, 2012

#13O, october 13, #unitedforglobalchange

addendum #15O: my full speech from saturday wearing my "save the planet" superman t-shirt recorderd by a buddy of mine ;o)

me at youtube (jaro@youtube

next worldwide action day for global change called by the OccupyWallSteet & RealDemocracyNow movements is coming closer and closer. my dears, a better world is possible, so let's crash the fraudulent financial-military complex asap => SEE YOU IN THE STREETS ON SATURDAY :-))

OccupyWallStreet + OccupyYourStreet + OccupyTogether :-)

source: EDJ münchen website / please download and share it :-)

here few useful links
of course, i have uploaded few pictures (+ videos?) after the event on saturday, as i have promised you earlier ;o=)

damn, if there will be again only few of us in munich, so probably because we humans tend to think only on ourselves and yes, we are still fine in germany ... hell, hell, hell, i just fear if we don't protest and change the system now, it could be too late soon as there is no planet B out there, you know?

wozu sollte die masse der deutschen protestieren, wenn sie historisch gesehen doch in der besten aller welten lebt? längste lebenszeit, kürzeste arbeitszeit, längster urlaub, wohl mehr als 1 auto pro familie, haufen kohle, sogar studenten haben oft autos und fahren jedes jahr in urlaub ans mehr ... wäre früher nicht einmal für den adel denkbar / machbar, stimmt's?

source: here

tuna can factor investment strategies ~ thunfischdosenfaktor

folks, i've just finished reading michael rehberger's 40 pages e-book 'thunfischdosenfaktor' about investment strategies in a sovereign debt crisis environment => i.e. strategies which should outlast both a monetary reform & state bankruptcies in the near future. hell, why tuna cans? just think about it for a moment, my dears ;-)
source of the picture + free download of the e-book:

any quick wins? yep, here is the summary:
source: here

what's your opinion? damn, you wouldn't expect that precious timber is a higher safety rated investment than gold, would you? of course, don't forget the inflation & deflation monsters, did you already?

coming soon or never: my insights on the subject :-O)

Saturday, October 6, 2012

richard branson? a virgin like entrepreneur :-)

source: here

friends, instead of completing my stock trading statistics i've spent much time experimenting (=reading) my google+ / google reader data flow for the very first time .... and you know what? i'm happy about that, my dears? why? well, among all my g+ friends (or do we call them circles?) was beside some real life friends and folks like einstein and dalai lama also richard branson, the the founder of the virgin group of companies  (music, airlines, telephone, food, travel, money, games, ...)

hell, was that both an inspiring and interesting reading :-). there was a lot about entrepreneurship, joy, charity, saving animals / nature, fairness, having fun and yes, especially about improving people's lives ... if you can, just follow him on twitter, google+, facebook ... and help to change the world :-)

quote: "Running a business is making a difference in people's lives," said Richard Branson at the Nordic Business Forum. Here is an infographic sharing the best tips from the Virgin Founder's speech at the event in Finland. 

source: here

yep, entrepreneurs + businesses (+ technology) improve people's lives, not politicians, governments, bureaucrats, soldiers and the like ...

Thursday, October 4, 2012

sick boy

sick in bed ~ source: here

folks, i tried to tell and/or show you how i feel since wednesday morning (no, it is not because i have been to oktoberfest on tuesday, i think) and found such a great picture about my current state. well, let's 'save' that great cartoon in my blog and yes, you ugly cold / influenza please please go away and let's hope i will be better off soon :-)

männerschnupfen video (emergency room in hospital): youtube (is probably blocked ;-() hier billige parodie auf das original + (original) clipfish 

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

blog-zug = blog train = blogger community, blog-tags

blog-zug is dead, long live blog-tags, a different blogger community site. ... blogtags / blog-tag 
bloggers of all nations UNITE 😄
source of the picture + community website: blog-zug dot com

friends, i'm just experimenting with new (german?) blogger community website blog-zug. why? well, communities are good as we can find friends, help each other, share information + ideas + much more :-)

btw, the community's forum link is here and if you are already a community member, you will probably enjoy also this coupon: BLOG-ZUG.COM-SCHOENER-SONN-TAG-0 
damn, let's give that community a chance, wouldn't you say? and yes, there are usually some 500+ people online most of the day and probably 200 even late at night and yes again, if i do show up there ('ride the train' or use the forum) the site generates quite significant traffic to my blog (15-20%). let's see if there are also some like minded and similarly interested bloggers who will visit my blog regularly like i have subscribed to two members' politics oriented blogs ... well, beside google reader, google+, twitter, facebook etc. it is the next nice platform for your blog as well, isn't it? of course, i have also a blog-zug profile.

go blog-zug train go :o)

addendum october 8, 2012: today's highlight from our blogger-community:

not a too high level, but sooooo funny and yes, so true :-). source? the 'Someone like you' blog here

addendum november 12th, 2012: strange my dears, i have made it into the hall of fame (30,000 points) today. you know what? these blog-zug blogger community really works as designed as my blog has got approximately 30% more readers in the last few weeks than usually, in october there have been 4,049 readers ... ehhhm, clicks, of course :-)