Monday, April 29, 2013

boston marathon bombing just the next false flag?

a different perspective to mainstream medias fear producing coverage on boston marathon bombing, isn't it? if we asked the obama administration, every occasion is good enough to take away our liberties and yes, we are stupid enough not to protest at all, i fear :-(

website i've seen this video first? here

more videos by christopher greene and his alternative media channel amtv / amtvmedia / greenewave? here we go

did you try to set the boston issue in any relation to other terror attacks?

source: here

Sunday, April 28, 2013


hello friends. i just came across a great mahatma gandhi (1869 - 1948) quote, so i decided to collect few of his great quotes and link this blog post to the collection of other save the planet, save the freedom ideas, enjoy :-)
source: here

in case you want to know more about this great + peaceful mind and "great soul" (= "mahatma") just jump to wikipedia and learn how he by ... "employing non-violent civil disobedience led india to independence and inspired movements for non-violence, civil rights and freedom across the world" ... of course, come back right thereafter :-)

a quote collection:
 source: here

if you want to see which people are included in my link library, just look at some of these guys
source: here
source here

and here we go to the mentioned save the nature + save the planet link library => let's implement few of them in our daily lives, just like gandhi 'said' in the very beginning: BE THE CHANGE that you want to see in the WORLD :-)

anything else? coming soon or never ...

addendum sept 21th, 2013: how to crash the system? 5 ways by gandhi ...

Saturday, April 20, 2013

couch surfing in munich :-)

who's world is this? damn, can we save it or just go to some other place, my dears?

couch surfing in münchen-obersendling last night, brushing my teeth with a toothpaste on my finger, meeting interesting people ... omg, omg :-) ... many thanks to the host(s) of that nice event + shelter for that german + belgian + british + israeli + slovak union for one evening. well, that's what happens if you miss the latest train / bus in munich, my dears ...

hell, what about the united states of the WORLD created by the people bottom-up? didn't we have the united states of europe issue some time ago? 

our prime purpose in this life is to help others ~ dalai lama

van gogh watched beside my couch :-)

few more pictures? coming soon or never ...

anyway, let's hope the world will never belong to people who care about it like this 2 experts:

Monday, April 15, 2013

gold-man sucks

trading is easy my dears, especially if you know some facts before all others do or if you know the reaction of the others after your calls, like goldman sachs (or warren buffett) for example certainly do ...

the goldman-sucks guys just made a call to short gold last week. just look what happened to the gold market after that in the last two trading sessions ... down from $1550 to $1344 :o(
source: my broker's dab bank website today

just in case you like silver better, silver was hit even harder ... right now, few minutes before the wall street market closes is gold -9.58%, silver -12.52% and many many mining stocks even worse than that => free fall in the precious metals markets :-((

let's show you what happened the last time we have seen a drop in gold/silver like that, let's jump to zero-hedge :-). damn, probably the u.s. attacks iran soon? or we better ask goldman-sachs, they know for sure ... thx goodness we have rescued them with our tax money in 2008, who would teach us a lesson like this one today otherwise?

may i ask you one last question, my dears?

if you asked me, i know when will the gold + silver go up again. it is easier as you think ... just thinkthinkthink, try it ... and try it again ... ok, the answer is: if it will be owned by the right gold-men. as for now, gold is owned by greece, cyprus, italy, portugal, germany and the like btw, i'm not going to answer zero's turtle's question ...

last but not least, let's read the opinion and strategy of my favorite precious metals dealer, pro aurum, concerning the recent crazy price decline HERE (in german)

go GOLD bugs go and let's crash the fraudulent fiat money system NOW :-)

Sunday, April 14, 2013

silver analysis by tekmnd, a guy who invests and risks his own money in the markets

silverrrrrr produced by endeavour silver

dear friends, the gold and silver prices are in a free fall, the blood bath in the miners and explorers sectors is far from over yet, so what's going on? let's post an interesting analysis made by a buddy of mine and the co-host of the community, tekmnd. he is (among others) a trader and a silver buyer himself, so he prefers to do his own due diligence, you know? what does it mean? as you will discover soon, his analysis is completely different from the silver gurus analyses you can get all over the internet and/or mainstream media. unlike the silver gurus who are often coin dealers, newsletter writers, commodity (indexes) promoters etc and thus there is often a conflict of interests indeed, tekmnd invests and risks his own money ...

the silver analysis was originally posted here at InformedTrades yesterday, enjoy my re-print:

Silver dropped pretty hard this week. When I hear comments from the 'silver community,' it is so obvious that no one gets it.
Let's break down what happened-
US Mint lost money last year. Bullion demand was way down.
The world silver interim report in Nov showed that supply was way up and growing, and demand was declining. The week the Interim report came out, Sprott's headline was "demand is about to overtake supply."
The mint scaled back production and forced a sell out right after.

The sell out was sold as a big rush of demand.
The mint sell out was pushed as a shortage of supply when it had nothing to do with the physical supply of silver. I saw several videos claiming that the mint selling out was because producers couldn't keep up with supply when that had nothing to do with the sellout (and supply is at record high levels right now). The sellout was from the mint scaling back production to force all supply to sell out before the new release came out.

David Morgan first made videos suggesting price would go over $50 this year, and then made a video with a graph showing the price going into the hundreds.
Silver doctors and BrotherJohnF made videos/articles with false claims of silver costing $30 to produce, and said it meant silver would have to shoot up soon.
Silver doctors ran articles asking people if they were "all in" because price was about to shoot up.
Jim Rogers said that you couldn't buy coins when they were on sale.

Not mentioned by any of the so called experts was the Nov Interim report showing supply at record high levels.
Not mentioned was that less bullion coins sold in 2012 than in 2011 or in 2010.
Not mentioned was that many miners production levels beat estimates in 2012.
Not mentioned was that silver reserves and resources had a major increase in 2012.
Not mentioned was the fact that inventories have been massively increasing.

Instead people were told that costs to produce are $30 when they are $11.
That supply is down when it is up.
That demand is overtaking supply when it is down.
That industrial demand is increasing exponentially when it was down last year and down 3 of the last 4 years.
That producers can't keep up with demand when inventories are at almost record high levels.

Anyone even catching on to the fact that my last vid showed that Fresnillo is growing by 75% to 100% in the next 5 years? That increase alone offsets the expected increase in industrial demand.

Anyone talking about the fact the reserves just majorally increased at many producers pretty much making the silver running out lie now a total joke? KGHM has just increased their reserves to 40 years of silver reserves (meaning they have proved that they can mine silver out for at least the next 40 years as long as silver is over $22 per ounce spot). Pan American, Fresnillo and Hochschild increases their reserves and resources every year. In fact, increasing reserves and resources on an ongoing basis is Pan American's mission statement on every financial statement they release.

Nope- you were told that "supply is tight, silver is running out, demand is up, industrial use is increasing (down last year, and down 3 of the last 4 years), and that the price decline is all a big conspiracy."

The 2013 World Survey comes out in 11 days. It is expected to yield results that are not favorable to the price of silver. Price is dropping heading into the release of this report.

I have said for 3 months this would happen (price would drop heading into this report).
Please pay attention next time 


a great update, dear tek even if so sad for gold + silver bugs ...

and yes, at my favorite coin dealer, there was never a real shortage in physical gold of silver supply in the last few years. only in late 2008 there were almost no silver coins available and the premiums of physical silver coins/bars shoot up to 40% above the paper silver price. at that time my dealer started to sell silver concentrate in 1 kg bags (which means there still was enough silver to buy)

anyway, go gold bugs go and lets crash the fraudulent paper money system now 

what about one of tek's videos?
... and this is the jim roger's interview tek refers to 


last but not least, a news release i just got right now. there was a landslide in the 2nd largest U.S. silver mine and world’s largest copper mine kennecott in utah which is owned by rio tinto on april 10th, so the supply side could be hurt to some degree soon. read the whole news release here


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

home sweet home

jaro back home, my dears ... and yes, we've brought the good weather with us to munich. well, that means the winter is over NOW :-)

we have seen a lot in vietnam, but south vietnam (saigon, mekong delta, etc) is still missing on our agenda. maybe we can combine a holiday in this part of the world with a visit in angkor wat / cambodia in 2 or 3 years, who knows?

btw, did you know that vietnam translates as "south Viet" and therefore the country should be called vietland if they asked me :-)


Saturday, April 6, 2013

hue ~ central vietnam ~ 1 week at a beach

after our round trip we enjoy one more week in vietnam at a beach close to the unesco heritage city of hue ...

btw, my overall impressions about vietnam? it is an interesting and fast developing but still quite poor country where you can move freely wherever and whenever you want to (unlike india, south america, south africa, ...). anyway, if you haven't been to south-east asia before, go better to thailand because of its beautiful golden temples it is even more interesting for europeans / americans if you asked me ... or to bali/indonesia ;o)

more pictures HERE

anything else? coming soon or never.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

hoi an ~ unesco heritage ~ central vietnam

last stop at our vietnam round trip is hoi an in central vietnam, unesco world cultural heritage. this city was built by japanese and chinese traders / businessmen and a long time an important harbor in central vietnam. in the vietnam war the whole area was destroyed by the u.s. army by tons of napalm and other chemical weapons of mass destruction as the u.s. tanks couldn't move on the sandy dunes around the city. so sad, ... shame on you, america ;-( ... today is hoi an a place for tourists and the silk industry and a place my girls liked most of all places we have seen in vietnam before. probably because of our nice hotel 'ancient house resort' and all the shopping streets all over the ancient city center :-). if you asked me, i liked hue better.

more pictures ;-)


Wednesday, April 3, 2013

vietnam ~ on the road

friends, we move around by bus, train, taxi, boat, bicycle + by foot, therefore there is a lot to explore all around => enjoy few vietnam snapshots :-)

our stations were ha noi, ha long bay, hue, pass of the clouds, da nang, hoi an and hue again. more pictures? just visit my g+ album


Monday, April 1, 2013

hue ~ unesco heritage ~ central vietnam

next stop on our round trip was the former capital hue in central vietnam. its citadel (=emperor's palaces incl. the forbidden city similar to those in peking) was declared unesco world cultural heritage in 1993.

if you asked me, hue was the nicest of all places we have seen in vietnam. my girls liked more our next stop, hoi an. why? because of its shopping streets. more hue pictures :o)

anything else? coming soon or never ...