Saturday, December 31, 2016

snow hill / schneeberg / sneznik - CZ

next stop at our new year's yourney was the schneeberg snow hill (schneeberg / sneznik) in chech switzerland area.
it is just the 3m big model at the beginning at our hiking trip in jilove (part sneznik). the real watch tower stands at the top of the snow mountain (723 m)  
our nice hotel swiss yard (svycarsky dvur) in jilove (eulau) close to the city of decin / tetschen
bohemian switzerland / czech switzerland / böhmische schweiz / ceske svycarsko
what a beautiful inversion out there in elbsandsteingebirge
schneeberg observation tower from 1864 (schneebergturm)
a loooong stop on our way to the city of decin (tetschen) at wolf's lake / vlci jezero / the original german name is somehow different and not a translation of wolf's lake :-)
i didn't make it INTO the half-frozen lake this time, we have had between minus 4 and minus 8 degrees celsius here in late december 2016 :-)
two of us
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Friday, December 30, 2016

decin - tetschen

our next stop on our new year's journey in the bohemian switzerland was the city of decin / CZ (former german name: Tetschen or Tetschen–Bodenbach) at the  river elbe (czech: labe).
well, there is the river elbe, an old town square with most of the houses still historical, a castle, bridges, hills around the city, ... if you asked me, it is a nice place to spent a (half) day with sightseeing :-)
 decin castle over the elbe river
town square
some (closed) church ...
the decin castle
a small castle from the other side of the elbe river, today a restaurant (source of the picture: here)
(source of the picture: here)
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Thursday, December 29, 2016

tisa ~ tyssaer wände ~ tiske steny (CZ)

well, i finally found some time to upload pictures from our new year trip through czech republic and poland visiting family of my wife and hiking in the mountains in the german-chech-polish border area:

our stops were:
btw, kennt jemand die böhmische schweiz? ein echt hübsches eck unseres planeten :-)

our first nature stop was the former german inhabited area of bohemian switzerland, the village TISA and its beautiful sandstone monuments & table hills

current and historical pictures
the day we have been there was like a day in wonderland:
few hashtags: #tisa #elbsandsteingebirge #tiskesteny #czechswitzerland #bohemianswitzerland #bohemian #czechrepublic #czech #tyssa #tyssaerwände #tissaerwände tiske steny

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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

julian assange on donald trump, hillary clinton, wars & co.

i have just read an interesting interview with julian assange about donald trump, hillary clinton, wars and much more. julian said that hillary played a leading role in the usa aggressor's war against libya which produced the refugee crisis in europe and the catastrophy in syria, so there is hope for better with trump as president :-) ... => just read the full interview here: repubblica / italy.
how to help julian and/or wikileaks? well, i've donated some money to wikileaks and yes, i will try to visit their nice and simple structured website wikileaks from time to time (a bookmark is specified) and spread their information to support freedom of press and to support a channel which helps the whistleblowers to get their information out. btw, the block about the leaked emails of hillary clinton campaign chairman john podesta are really interesting :-)
Schutzengel by my buddy Udo ~ source (+ full picture here): udo p. linke
source of the picture: here
#FreeAssange #FreeSpeach

Monday, December 26, 2016

wörthsee ~ winter swimming adventure

crazy me, after swimming for the very first time in the ice-cold lake königssee 3 weeks ago, i did this strange winter swimming stuff again. well, yesterday at lake lusssee & (anarchists') tipi platz it was somehow too cold / too bad for me, so i just went up to the knees into the water. today at lake wörthsee i really swum. probably only for 10 second, but after that i felt like a new born, my dears :-). btw, there are many other bavarian lakes to swim out there, aren't they? 
why do i do stuff like that? hmmm, i'm not sure, but maybe because i need more life in my daily routine or i need more routine in my daily life or both. or do i need just some adventure / strong feelings or is my intention to shock others? maybe not to shock others as i like only to swim if there are no unfamiliar people around ... or is the main reason because the general opinion is not to do that, so i want to prove that there is more possible than allowed? the hell knows :-)
paradieswinkel in the south part of the lake wörthsee was the place to be today :-). the best of all wives plus me have had later a tasty lunchdinner at the restaurant gasthof woerl
trying the water temperature and my determination first
my mood said 'YES' :-)
so cold, especially the feet & hands. only my ears were so hot :-)
swimming is over, let's dress again
good night, lake wörthsee
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Saturday, December 24, 2016

anonymous alert

it is time to protest against the global elites which lead us into nuclear extinction, antonymous said.
watch and (if you agree) share it and act according to it, my dears :o)

thus please, please, please: OccupyWallStreet + OccupyWarStreet + OccupyYourStreet + OccupyAllStreets + OccupyTogether = RealDemocracyNow => let's save the world :o))

well, in munich we are still a small group of people from the montagsdemo - movement, who meet every monday evening (at 6 p.m. in the sendlinger str. 8) and stands up for peace. please come around, listen, take a flyer, share the knowledge, join us or join any other pro-peace and/or pro-planet movement :-)

maybe it is strange to link a message from anonymous to a message from a state & secret service employee, but this steve pieczenik message about hillary and bill clinton's tried coup and the anti-cup done by patriotic secret service forces is really interesting, if you asked me (information leaked to julian assange's wikileaks)

Friday, December 23, 2016

Kenneth O'Keefe - stop war mongers and give peace a chance

well, the most (western) people think probably about christmas these days, me too. as many  others i also think about love and peace and yes, especially peace is such a fragile commodity.
source: here

i hope we humans are able to share and live in peace instead of exploit and kill each other in a WW3 :-)

i have seen 2 very interesting and (quite) short videos with analysis of current worldwide tensions recently. one is in english with former u.s. marine and gulf war veteran Kenneth O'Keefe (and you will find you also an excerpt of it with german translation below) and the second with german stock exchange expert dirk müller. both guys see the u.s. / u.k. / NATO / israel / 'THE WEST' as the biggest danger to world wide peace ... any other opinion on that issue?  => please listen + share, if you liked it ...

let's listen to Kenneth O'Keefe about western puppet governments working for war profiteers, greater israel project and so on ... well, if you asked me, i hope that donald trump as upcoming u.s. president will not be such a puppet hillary clinton was and that he will more concentrate on america than to play the world war monger role, will he? (listen to his 5 minutes motivational speech months before his election victory here)

"All of these players, these politicians are nothing more than puppets, they don't serve the people there is no real democracy, they serve the rich and powerful who run the world and that would be the bankers who control the money supply. The bankers make huge amounts of money....wars are great for them and ultimately they control the politicians.
Psychopaths are running the world." - Ken O'Keefe
full Ken O'Keefe interview in english (20 minutes):

..... excerpt of the interview above with german translation (10 minutes)

dirk müller, after 4 minutes starts the speech again, so it is enough if you listen these clear words about u.s. aggressions, leaked information about hillary clinton's emails (libya / syria / iran), ISIS, assad, etc. just once (IN GERMAN) .... hillary emails show: the goal is to destroy syria first, than iran next :o(

a picture says more than 1,000 words? here we go:
 the source for both pictures is my former stop wars blog post

happy xmas to everyone :-)

Sunday, December 11, 2016

ried - innkreis - austria

christmas mood and christmas market in ried in the so called innkreis (river inn area) in austria? sooo nice :-)

well, the best of all wives and me were driving home from bratislava as we again visited my weakening mother in slovakia and tried different route as usually. why? well, there is just 1 (= ONE) border cross in germany where the state quite often controls pro forma the incoming people (you know about the refugees issue in germany, don't you?) in a way you have slow down your speed, watch into the face of an officer, but you don't have to show your passport or step out of your car or open your car trunk (i passed this border point already 4-5 times this way) .... we decided to use an empty border cross few tens of kilometers to the north and when gotten hungry we chose not to make a break at some stupid highway restaurant this time. we moved to a small nearby city of ried and yes, i somehow hoped to meet friends of mine at the christmas market there. nope, no luck ... of course, i had not their phone number available and had only their email address + we have been tired after loooong drive anyway, so we did not try to arrange an encounter at any price :-). especially because our friends are sister and brother-in-law of my school mate, so we are not that close to our einsiedel-born friends in austria and also not 100% sure they are indeed that spontaneous they would be happy to go outside that late at night (but i somehow felt they would enjoy to see me) ... well, next time i will keep their phone number in my mobile phone so we could inform them about our arrival :-)
main city square
dinner in platzlwirt

old oven
nonalcoholic wheat beer (weissbier) as i'm a driver today, you know? :-)
town hall in ried
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