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STOP CORONA madness. when? NOW!

we have won! in germany, the bill about mandatory vaccination did not pass the german bundestag (= parliamanent) in early april 2022. thanks to all fellow supporters & protesters 💗


the whole 2021 was in shadow of the corona sars-cov-2 measures, wasn't it?

if you asked me, more and more people understand that they will not get their nice life in freedom back, no matter how often they would take their next covid-19 vaccination. it seems to be about the control of us symbolic 99% by the symbolic 1% as the former occupy movement in 2011 + 2012 taught us. what do you think?

delta + omicron. arts. painted by me for louvre + eremitage.

i've changed my mind (=> learned). i will not write my opinions about corona as almost everyone took already the chance to build their opinion and the most communities are devided in two major blocks: 

  1. people for the WHO / mainstream media / government agenda => VACCINATED
  2. people against #1 => NOT VACCINATED

as the year 2021 is over, just allow me to show ya the corona survival rate statistics for germany:

2021: 69,367 corona deaths out of 1,016,899 deaths out of 83,222,422 inhabitants ==> survival rate 99.92%
2020: 39,201 corona deaths out ot 982,489 deaths out of 83,190,556 inhabitants ==> survival rate 99.95%

what can we read out of this official statistics for 2021 in germany? 

  1. the corona death toll 2021 is below 0,1% which means it is still in the permille area
  2. the corona death toll in 2021 ist 66,7% higher than in 2020
  3. the population rose in 2021 by only 0.04%
  4. the overall death toll rose in 2021 by 3,5%
  5. overall death rate in 2016 was 1.10% (910,899 out of 82,521,653) 
  6. overall death rate in 2020 was 1.18% (982,489 out of 83,190,556)
  7. overall death rate in 2021 was 1.22% (1,016,899 out of 83,222,422) 
  8. look at december 2020 and january 2021. this are the two initial months when the vaccination orgy on the most vulnerable people in our community, the elderly and the care-dependent in care homes started. these are the only two months with over 21,000 corona deaths, most likely somehow vaccine related. in no other month till now (~ december 2021) was the death toll over 10,000 people. just remember, in the early vaccination campaigns they sometimes by mistake + inexperience + ignorance even dosed a full ampulla (5-6 shots) to a single elderly person. so sad 😓
  9. the measures do not help OR are the cause for the higher death toll in 2021 OR both. as our immune system was in 2021 more trained to fight corona compared to 2020 and because the viruses tend to mutate to weaker and more infectious variants (the virus want to survive, too), there shold be much less corona deaths as previous year, shouldn't it?
  10. just my guess: as there is more money paid for corona patients & death cases to the clinics compared to normal patients & death cases, there is a economic incentive to declare normal patients as corona patients, you know? i think the real corona / flue / influenza death toll is much, much lower than the official 'corona positive tested' death toll of 69,367 ...
  11. it is a plandemic, not a pandemic ... so sad again 😓


just allow me to show you the first part of what i've originally planned to explain below. enjoy the collected cartoons and other pictures about the main corona related opinions. enjoy also few pictures from demonstrations between september and december in munich as i'm almost every week in the streets to protest. sometimes even twice or three times a week. finally, enjoy 3 short videos: 

  • lies told by top german politicians (DE) about mandatory vaccination no & never
  • speech of former german foreign minister guido westerwelle (RIP) about freedom, politics and human rights from 2011
  • demo in munich 12/2021


i plan to collect some corona related serious & funny topics here and make a 'real' blog post out of it later, agreed?

  • corona is about control
  • the measures (~ biderman's chart of coercion) are not against a virus but against humanity ... just read my satiric blog post seitensprung (in german)
  • 15-20 closed hospitals with thousands of beds in 2020 in DE during the 'pandemic'. there was a similar depletion of intensive care hospital beds in SK as well => worldwide pLandemic?
  • additional already decided worsening of medical support in DE from march 2022 as only those with 'approved' western vaccines vaccinated doctors and nursing personnel are allowed to work in hospitals. next 10-20% of personnel will fade out, won't it?
  • with the beginning of vaccination campains rose the corona death toll in 2021 significantly compared to 2020. that even despite the fact, that in 2020 was the disease new and our immune system not that able to fight against it as today
  • we the people protest a lot even if we are still a minority. you will find pictures from diverse demos in munich since september 2021 below (sitting meditation, peaceful marches through our streets, open microphone events, political rallies with speaches + music ...)
  • as we have had no discrimination of black people / aboriginies / indians in germany, the first  possible reasonable equation to the discrimination of us unvaccinated is the discrimination of jews since 1933. the german yellow vaccination passport and its small dirty green digital brother from 2021 are the yellow jew stars from 1937, only 84 years later. just imagine, today in germany i cannot go to the cinema, theater, restaurant, shops except grocery / gas station / drugs. indoor & outdoor sports like swimming, tennis, squash, skiing & ice-skating (outdoor!!) are forbidden for me as well. of course, i'm also not allowed to drink a hot wine punch (outdoor!), sleep in a hotel, take a bus / train / plane or enter my work office. travelling (=fleeing) abroad is difficult too. only for public transport + work there is a bypass if i would get the short-lived negative corona test certificate. all others activities are completely tabu. so what am i allowed to do at all? to work from home, pay taxes and to die. that it is.
  • my online activsm? this blog, facebook, bloggers' chat forums (blog-zug), twitter, pinterest. i do have also instagram, but i'm not sure if s.o. visits my instagram pages and i do not look at it either, ...
  • my offline activism? münchen-steht-auf, ulli oma, montagsdemo (spaziergang zum rathaus), ...
  • etc

ärzte für aufklärung / doctors for clearing-up + german dictionary
omg, SO SAD 😭. if we look at the corona death toll RKI statistics on monthly base in DE above: the most corona deaths with over 21,000 a month were recorded in december 2020 and january 2021. it was the time, when they started to vaccinate the most vulnerable people, the elderly and the care-dependent in care homes. sometimes (by mistake, inexperience, ignorance) they even dosed a full ampulla with 5-6 shots to a single person. so sad. till now in 12/2021 we have had in no other month over 10,000 corona victims.
Facebook-Beitrag eines Freundes:
So wird in vielen Teilen der Welt wahrgenommen, was in Deutschland und Österreich gerade vor sich geht. Ich habe mit vielen durchgeboosterten Brasilianern gesprochen - das was in Deutschland und Österreich abgeht wird hier sehr klar mehrheitlich so wahrgenommen wie in dem Bild dargestellt. Ihr könnt noch hundertmal den Vergleich verbieten - in der Welt wird er gezogen! Was wollt ihr dagegen machen?
 no mandatory vaccination! the voluntariness is the first out of 10 rules against medical experiments on people banned in nuremberg 1947 after nazi german experiments on jews & war captives during WWII.

astra zeneca vs. corona
 markus haintz & anwälte für aufklärung (lawyers for clearing-up)
yoe will find tons of information at corona-ausschuss
hey! take YOUR vaccine as otherwise will my vaccine not work
my friend florian for freedom
mondays: sitting demo meditation & tanz in munich ~
"The world is changed by your example, not by your opinion."
es war echt super wertvolle zeit bei den vieeelen (montags)demos. DANKE an die orga (graciette), das team und an eva maria damm für diesen wunderbaren song 'i am in you'. inzwischen (seit 12/2021) sind sitz-, spaziergangs- und kerzendemos in münchen verboten. einfach nur noch krank, die corona-welt da draußen, wenn mich jemand fragen möchte 😭
die bessere AHA-Formel 😄
ANTI CORONA measures and PRO FREEDOM protests on november 20th, 2021
just read my satiric blog post seitensprung (in german)
germany in summer 2020
there are huge strikes in italy in 10-11/2021 after the government decided mandatory vaccination/tests for some professions
 a mask is just a muzzle (maulkorb), isn't it?
do wear masks if you have nothing else at all 😂
  WHO says do not wear a mask if you are healthy.
annalena bearbock's §219a (~ abortion) statement: my body my choice. as foreign minister
she supports the mandatory vaccination in 2021. what a liar!
closed hospitals in germany 2020
santa claus got corona, his daughter will come + ein gelehrter und der tod.
don't listen to corona and stop bill gates, WHO, NWO
CoVId-2019 => covid-19
you still remember orwell's 1984 and animal farm
let's protest and let's build autarkic circles where we unvaccinated can get food + other needed stuff & services and help each other, will we?
RIP, dear freedom fighter, karl hilz, police for clearing-up (polizisten-für-auflärung
rally for karl hilz, RIP
wednesdays: münchen-steht-auf (munich stands up) ~
walking through a different suburb in munich
zeig mir dein laecheln 😄 = show me your smile 😄 => take your mask off
let's stay healthy:

every monday + wednesday in munich ~ münchen-steht-auf (munich stands up) ~ on dec, 22th it was forbidden by the authorities. anyway, both the police and we the folks have been there 😂
we waaaaaaaalk through our city 😉
 mainstream media about our demo ...
demo münchen-steht-auf (munich stands up) on 16. dec 2021 with many thousands people:
january 12th, 2022: in munich is even walking in the streets and candle demos vorbidden. so sad, so crazy ... that's tyranny, isn't it?

the german top politicians lie, lie, lie ... and despite their 'no mandatory vaccination' statements we've got already a manadatory shot for soldiers. obligatory vaccination for additional 'special' occupations like medical and even all hospital personnel start in 03/2022. few others like teachers, kindergarteners, etc. and later all of us will probably follow soon ... so sad 😭
guido westerwelle (FDP), former german foreign minister [who did NOT send the german army bundeswehr to attack libya] about freedom and human rights:
just in case you want tio skip 2 years back in time when the coronoia madness begun, here is my blog post from march, 1st 2020 (covid-19) => the opinion of dr. wolfgang wodarg in his 10 minutes interview was proven true in all 2 years of plandemic. that's a real hero, if you ask me.
many, many more pictures here.

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