Wednesday, April 29, 2009

allianz ... AGM

annual general meeting ... folks, in 2008 became allianz the largest insurance company in the world! have they been so good? no, not at all! they've made losses for just 2nd time in more than 100 years of company history and even the share price lost more than 50% from its 2008 highs, but the competitors did much worse (especially AIG, its share price lost 98% of its value and the company was 'rescued' by u.s. government or more precisely by u.s. tax payer :-))

the most important topic today? the finally terminated dresdner bank disaster which had cost the shareholders at least 15 billion lovely €uros since 2001. well, now is the commerzbank the proud new owner of dresdner bank :o)

stocks bought recently:
  • nestle - foodstuffs - new
what else? well, i had 1 trade on DJIA, bought @8,154 and sold @8,165 => small profit achieved :o). i've also increased my natural gas position by 1 CFD contract @ 3.48

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

my outlook was right ...

... but my portfolio would prefer i were wrong :o(

my stocks -1.86% today as gold (-1.3%) and especially silver (-4%) fell sharply :o(

Sunday, April 26, 2009

stock market outlook

folks, is there any positive change in the western economy? no, there isn't !!! well, IMHO the recent stock market recovery will not last too long :o((

Friday, April 24, 2009

+2.43% today :o)

folks, what a nice day + nice week for my portfolio! the price of gold/silver/oil moved up a lot today, so did my portfolio :o)

it is sooooo pity i didn't put more money in my last week's investments as nearly everything i've bought increased a lot, but i hadn't more funds available :o(. folks, i did even reduce the originally planned amount which i had to give back to my funds of last resort by 1,000 €uros and invested that money into commodity stocks! anyway, even if that was not the best result possible i think i could call that the best result in given situation :o)

=> never forget the risk-reward-ratio
=> do not put all your money in the game
=> always remember u could be wrong :o]

what about my trading account? hmmmmm, there is nearly the same stuff (= silver, gas, coffee, sugar, orange juice CFDs) contained as in my investing account, therefore was this week's result also quite nice ;-)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Munich Re .... AGM

annual general meeting ... folks, what about some culinary improvement of the high, high, high dividend (approx. 5%, they paid about 70% of the 2008's profit as dividend this year and want to use the additional part as a special liquidity buffer). what about the economical outlook from the perspective of the industry leader in the re-insurance business?

well, there have been some interesting views on the (financial) markets, current deflation because of deleveraging, inflation 2 come, bail-outs, the conservative market and risk approach @ munich re, ... fine food, much too strong coffee, ...

the most used word/phrase? financial crisis ... of course! well, concerning the CEO von bomhard ist the financial crisis far from over => do not overvalue the current (bear market?) rally in the financial stocks :o))

inflation? let's buy some more gold/commodity stocks:
  • freegold ventures - Au
  • bhp billiton - metals, oil, diamonds, ...
  • K+S - potash - new

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

2 weeks on holiday ....

... and the financial markets survived also without my steady attention ... isn't it crazy? i wouldn't believe it :o)

well, we've been in slovakia + poland visiting my and my wife's family, our children had some pleasure to meet their cousins, aunts, uncles, grandpas + grandmas, so they welcomed the opportunity to speak polish ... i hope they will not forget that languauge completely when they get older ...

folks, SK + PL are quite cheap countries (especially when lodging @ family's houses :o), so i could invest some surplus money in few of my favorite stocks + 3 new companies:
  • scorpio mining - Zn, Cu, Ag, Pb
  • novagold - Au
  • constitution mining - Au, Cu - new
  • amerigo resources - Cu, Mo
  • cardero res. - Fe
  • penn west energy - oil, natural gas
  • wacker chemie - chemicals, solar industry - new
  • logitech - IT hardware - new
  • barrick gold - Au
=> good luck, my lovely portfolio addendum!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

5,000 euros arrived .... let`s invest :o)

folks, i`ve new fresh 5,000 euros => let`s think about some smart money allocation :o))

what about following partition:
  • 1,000 - 1,300 on our current holidays in slovakia & poland
  • 1,500 to bolster our bank account
  • 2,000 to increase our `asset column` .... folks, it should be an investment which will provide some cashflow in the future like stocks, mutual funds, real estate (which brings some euros) ... do not think about any liabilities like cars, real estate (which costs some euros), toys, ... => let`s think about the most funny part of that partition i.e. let`s try to invest 2,000 euros as smart as possible :-))

Friday, April 3, 2009

MAN's 129th AGM in 251st company's year

hell, what a difference to siemens or bmw! there was a short organisational speech from the head of supervisors board, a short speech from the CEO, just 5 shareholders asking questions, all decisions agreed by 85+ percent of votes, the most of them with a majority of 99+ percent ...

folks, that was the company with the highest profit among all dax30 'competitors' in 2008 !!!

something else about the annual general meeting? well, the catering was fine, i drunk a lot of coffee and eat some funny vegetarian dish with an extra portion of spicy, spicy, spicy sauce as someone else withdraw the top cover which was designed to portion the amounts of that devil's stuff falling on each plate ;o))

what about the MAN prospects in 2009? well, the trucks + buses will suffer a lot, the wind energy + diesel engines sector could outperform even under that crazy market conditions ...

next AGM? same place (icm, messegelände münchen) on april, 1st 2010. it is not a joke, see u there?

Thursday, April 2, 2009

even more oil speculation ...

my next call option on oil :o))

trading symbol: DE000GS1T2M2 (~GS1T2M)
underlying future: brent oil
strike: $70
price: €2.54
maturity date: 12.11.2012 (= 1 year longer than my previous option)

what else? i've bought few shares of:
  • zimtu capital corp. (venture capital / holding corp. in mining sector - new, read about my dinner with CEO david hodge)
  • münchener rück (that was the only missing munich based dax30 company in my portfolio => folks, let's meet at AGM of allianz [april], bmw [may], linde [may], man [tomorrow!], münchener rück [april], siemens [january]). well, i think that was only frustration purchase (~ frustkäufe ???) while watching the rising stock prices today because my mind is so occupied by evaluating options as there is sooooooo much to decide about my future in my office job currently ...