Sunday, May 31, 2009

current CFD account size € 2,844

my open positions:
  • 5 x natural gas
  • 2 x silver
  • 2 x orange juice
folks, this year is quite successful: +559 €uros i.e. +24.5% :-))

hmmmm, what is my secret formula? well, u will be disappointed if u knew the truth ... ehhhhmmmmm ....

.... uggggghhhh ....

... ...

... here we go! because of the complete farce in my office job i do not really have the time to trade. i don't have the proper mood either, so i just open few commodity positions at unbelievable low levels and let them run. last but not least i often do not have a stop-loss-limit in the market! sorry for that, my dear larry w. :o)
unlike last year my account size is much higher and so is the margin coverage => therefore i do not get wiped out by smallest market noise. and yes, my positions are still small enough (compared to account size, see the key numbers below) so the margin coverage shouldn't become a problem anyway => yes, i could learn at least from my last year's losses :o))

some key numbers about my CFD positions:
total amount of open positions: ca. $ 6,900
margin requirements: € 103 (silver 1%, o-juice & gas 3%)
account balance: € 2,844
free (idle!) capital: € 2,741

~ folks, this high margin coverage allows me to sleep well at night! i also do not worry about the usual ups and downs of mr. market! my goal is to 'catch' some bigger uptrend in few commodities without being kicked out by a weak day or two. any downsize risk? yes, my commodities could fall in price significantly, but they will not become worthless, will they?

Saturday, May 30, 2009

great job again, dear PPT!

company earnigs fell by 90% and the like in Q1 2009 vs. stock prices rising since the low in march without any break? it's crazy, isn't it?

btw, who are the strange folks who buy DJIA futures in the last trading hour BEFORE loooong weekend as if there were no stocks next week? is it the plunge protection team (PPT)? o tempora, o mores!

is it a sustainable growth? i don't think so => do not forget to place some stop-loss-limits 'under' your shortly bought (common stocks) positions and secure your gains unless u believe in your stocks and their great future :o)

btw, i will not sell any of my gold/silver/commodity stocks purchased in the last few weeks & months. why? it is my inflation hedge as i strongly BELIEVE (yes, it's just a believe as i can't know the future either :o) that the unbelievable huuuuuge amounts of fiat money added by governments and their small dirty central banks to the 'system' recently will cause a unbelievable huuuuuge inflation soon. just watch what is the development of the prices of gold/silver/farm land/oil/ showing up ...

oh my goodness! why do we elect such stupid politicians? we earthlings are sooooo freaking doomed!

Friday, May 29, 2009

commodities UP, UP, UP !!!

gold + silver + oil + gas jumped up a lot today! gold $1,500 soon?

GOOD-BYE fiat currencies!
GOOD-BYE reckless borrowing and spending (=> huuuuge deficits)!
GOOD-BYE corrupt governments!
GOOD-BYE small dirty central banks!
GOOD-BYE you dratted politicians!

btw, what do u think, how long will the folks out there believe in dollars, €uros, pounds and all the other shity paper currencies? which one of them will collapse first? i believe that in our today's connected world all of the 'major' currencies would join the already failed worthless currencies of all freaking history on the currency cemetery (a very hopeless place!) in a short period of few days or weeks ...

you can't print any gold, silver, prosperity, wealth and the like, you damned political morons !!! welcome 2 (hyper-)inflationary horror in the 1st place ... and finally welcome 2 gold standard :o)), welcome 2 honest economy, welcome 2 wealth based on work & savings, welcome 2 gentle handling of natural resources, ...

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

gold bugs club ...

the meetings of german precious metals fans are always funny! gold, silver, oil, fiat currencies, government bonds, financial crisis, state defaults, monetary reform, stupid bank bail-outs, some conspiracy theories concerning gold price manipulation, inflation, agricultural land, swindling democracy in western world, ...

what else? well, i bet that in the traditional location [=> gesellenhaus near main station] they have especially hired the slowest waitress in town! you wouldn't believe how long it takes to get the 2nd beer :-). anyway, i've been accompanied by a former colleague, so was the event even more fun than otherwise :o)

Monday, May 25, 2009

i'm so crazy!

oh, my god! it is 2:17 a.m. in munich and i'm not sleeping yet! i'm still on my pc, reading my emails both private and financial newsletters, chatting with friends, ... it will be a manic monday again in my office job tomorrow, isn't it?

i've bought an additional natural gas CFD! it was soooo cheap (3.45 bid, 3.50 ask), so i asked for one of them just now :-)

good n8 everyone,

Saturday, May 23, 2009

frustration shopping :o(

my purchases in the last few days:
  • acadian mining (Zn, Pb, Ag, Au) - huuuuge addendum to my existing positon because of very positive news flow. the company could reach a solution with its creditors concerning its major asset scotia zink mine ... but the share price didn't respond accordingly => who's wrong? the market or me? let's hope my opinion is right & the stock will double next week :o)
  • minco silver - new, complete frustration purchase as the share price increased by 440% since i've put that stock on my watch list in the most advantageous period (november 2008). nevertheless, the stock is still 50% down from its all-time-high (summer 2008), so there is still some upside potential, isn't it?
  • natural gas CFD (through my CFD trading account) - folks, i've removed my limit order, bought that position 'market', the price fell down below my limit, i've sworn like a crazy martian (f*cking hell and worse!). no additional comments!

btw, did i had soooo much money at my investing account? of course not! i've plundered the funds of last resort! folks, my soul is soooooooo freaking doomed! damned, f*cking hell ;o((

... update on 05/26/2009: what about my crazy investments 2 days later? minco silver is 20.3% down, gas 9.2% down and acadian mining is without any change :). hell, why am i such a stupid idiot?

Thursday, May 21, 2009

my portfolio +2.30% as gold / silver soared today :)

what else? well, my purchases in the last few days:
  • megastar development corp (Au, Zn, Cu - new, i've met the personable slovakian CEO of that canadian micro company about a year ago in munich. let's 'move' that stock from my watch list into my portfolio. btw, read this news text from company's website: ...
    Megastar Development Corporation (the “Company”) (TSX-V: MDV; Frankfurt: M5Q) is pleased to report that between February 1 - 18, 2009, the company President and CEO Dusan Berka has acquired 113,000 common shares of the Company at prices between $0.045 - $0.065 per share through the facilities of the TSX Venture Exchange, directly and indirectly. ... and so on ... Mr. Berka currently directly and indirectly owns and controls a total of 3,084,000 common shares of the Company, which represents 10.3% of the current issued shares of the Company (as at February 18, 2009). ...... well, if the CEO buys additional shares more expensive than me, it should turn to a relaxed, profitable, super-duper investment for me! why did i bought just 7,000 shares instead of originally planned 10,000? hmmmm, basically because megastar is a highly illiquid stock and the spread on german stock-exchange compared to canadian price was about 15-20% which is simply too much. hopefully there will be an opportunity again where i will have both, some money available AND reasonable buyer's price in germany as with my broker i can just order TSX stocks in canada directly but not (smaller) TSX-V stocks.
  • oil call warrant (DE000GS1T2M2) - initial position increased

Monday, May 18, 2009

rich dad, poor dad (robert kiyosaki)

folks, i've just finished reading kiyosaki's rich dad, poor dad ......... it was GREAT !!!

when will YOU become financially independent? when will YOU escape from the rat race (work, taxes, bills, no money left, work, taxes, bills, ...)? AND WHEN ME ??? a good question, isn't it? ASAP is prolly the best answer for both of us, right?

some major issues:
  • think, think, think!
  • work 2 learn - do not work 4 money - let money work 4 u :-)
  • JOB = just over broke
  • earn more than u spend
  • understand difference between assets & liabilities! btw, what category belongs your house/car to?
  • BUY income generating ASSETS (= the only rule to riches :-)
  • cashflow !!!
  • buy luxuries last = buy luxuries when your assets column provided enough income to afford them
  • reinvest earnings from your assets column into your assets column again ... income => more income ...
  • the power of corporations ... start your own business (lower taxes, [business] expenses with pre-tax money, ...)
  • choose yr friends carefully (insiders 4 stock market infos :)
  • real estate? hmmmmmm ... should i take a class where i would learn how to buy real estate on foreclosures (buy from banks & attorneys instead of owners / brokers ?)
  • make offers, someone may say "yes"
  • learn from history
  • do not say "i can't afford it!". say "how can i afford it?" instead
  • do not play it safe! play it SMART !!!
  • action is better than inaction => act now :-)
  • and much more ...
of course, do not miss robert kiyosaki's formulation either :-) ... and pls skip the boring introduction, there is one single idea carried out over 5+ pages ...

btw, best luck for everyone who will try it :O)

addendum, video 2008, god's money (gold + silver) vs. men made money (paper),

predictions 2014:

last burt not least, a picture :-)


Saturday, May 16, 2009

linde ... AGM

folks, that was prolly my last annual general meeting for a while. i've attended 7 this year + the AGM season is over soon ;-)

what a difference to struggling bmw yesterday! linde achieved 2008 the best profit in 125+ years of company's history. it increased also the dividend to €1.8 (dividend yield 3%). linde sees the financial & economic crisis as a chance to improve processes + tries through clever acquisitions + investments (15% of earnings) to place the company for further growth in their 4 business areas: industrial gases + plant engineering & construction + energy + health care.

what else? i've missed some notebooks with unrestricted web access in order to check the stock-exchange movements + their impacts on my portflio. there was also 1 additional issue: the former bmw board member and today's linde CEO reitzle impressed me a lot! it was amazing how smart, authentic, optimistic and competent he presented the company's results + answered questions. i think linde is well positioned for profitable growth in the future => i do not need to worry about my investment + can just relaxed observe its fluctuations with or against the general stock market :o)

stocks bought recently:
  • excellon resources (Ag, Zn, Pb)
  • acadian mining (Au, Cu, Ag, Zn, Pb)
  • scorpio mining (Ag, Zn, Pb) - next addendum :-)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

bmw ... AGM

annual general meeting ... let's see tomorrow how does the CEO & board of my struggling employer see the future for the company. i suppose it isn't rosy ...

well, after bmw presented its 2nd consecutive loss and 2nd worst quarterly result for approx 5 years a week ago AND the stock soared 7% (!!!) just because the stupid, corrupt analysts expected even a worse result facing that unbelievable stupidity i can just tell you: we earthlings are freaking doomed !!!

should i bet a tasty caipirinha in bmw employees' favourite pub / beer garden ziegelhaus that the most ugly phrase tomorrow will be 'financial crisis'? why? well, it is much easier to find some explanation for poor performance outside the company like dollar weakness (or strength and vice versa), high commodity prices, financial crisis etc. than to confirm own incompetence :-)

the highlights of the AGM: folks, it was soooooo boring today! the worst of all munich's AGMs i've attended this year :o(. they spoke a lot but said just sooo little! they've presented this worst result for the whole decade as a success, unbelievable! we are freaking doomed! btw, the earnings dropped by 90%, would u call that a success? would u be proud of that? probably not ... the time line of that AGM was also strange, i would like to hear some answers to few very well asked shareholders' questions, but they've waited sooo long with the answers that i've decided to leave that stupid self-arranged celebration of management's incompetence and went into my office in order to continue my day job ...

i'm worrying about their inability to:
  • change radically
  • take the right decisions
  • motivate and empower employees to work hard

what will they do instead? IMHO, they will just continue to

  • overpay their already sooooo numerous, aged, convenient (lazy?), overpaid management staff
  • continue to close their eyes for employee suggested improvements (just look at this huuuge area of craziness ;o)
  • isolate themselves from the real life out there ... just imagine, there were just 2 notebooks for the visitors with nearly completely forbidden internet access (there were just 2 (=two!!!) websites outside the bmw network allowed. btw, in the other AGMs (wacker chemie, siemens, man, allianz, munich re, ...) there is full internet access for all attendees (shareholders, investors, analysts, journalists, ...). why not @ bmw? what are they afraid of?

have there been also positive there? yep, i liked the probationary sitting in the rolls-royce phantom, took pictures of some old bmw cars, drunk some coffee, met a former colleague ...

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

great gorilla guru (GG) won some bucks in cmc's traders contest :o)

folks, have u seen the great gorilla guru (my code name :) on the podium in the just finished cmc-markets's trader contest boersenrennen? no? well, i wasn't there and unfortunately i didn't won the nice audi sports car either :o(

well, there have been such a complete farce in my office job [~robert kiyosaki: job is a temporary solution to a long term problem!] since march that i wouldn't find any trader's mood to compete anyway ... yeaaah? what does that bullshit mean?

ok, let's explain it a little bit :-). that real money (!) contest started few weeks ago with the account size of 300 €uros. i've bought one mini-gold-CFD and one mini-oil-CFD on the very 1st day just minutes after midnight. yesterday i've got the email about the very end of that contests, opened my cmc platform again, sold my 2 CFDs (otherwise they would be sold by cmc markets @ 6 p.m. anyway) and finished with 333 €uros as gold + oil increased over that period moderate. folks, it's 11% in approx. 2 months! could be worse, isn't it? yep, but who was the winner? a guy/girl called Trader299 with an account size of approx. 19,300 €uros and with that damned audi car on top! congratulations, Trader299 ...

ps: on the very first day the leading trader won about 2,000 €uros

pps: i suppose the most attendees went bankrupt, lost their 300 €uros, but hopefully have learned a lot about money management, position sizing, emotions etc. and wouldn't trade like complete bozos with their highly leveraged CFD-accounts next time ...

Saturday, May 9, 2009

boring administrative issues

i'm updating my documentation concerning stock purchases in 2009, making P/L statistics, preparing documents 4 my tax application 2008, ... BOOOORING :o((

... 5 hours later ...

thx goodness, i've finished that torture :o)

Friday, May 8, 2009

wacker chemie ... AGM

annual general meeting ... well, 2008 was the most successful year in the more than 90 years of this sympathetic bavarian company. nevertheless, the dividend was cut sharply as in the 1st quarter of 2009 fell profits by approx. 95% which reflects the current very bad economic conditions around the globe. IMHO is wacker well positioned in silicium business (solar energy) + in various fields of chemistry (base stuffs for industries like construction, automotive, sports equipment, textile, etc.).

i was accomplished by a colleague who recommended that interesting stock to me few weeks ago (just before it increased 25% because of positive news flow :), so today's AGM was even more fun than usually => thx, hans-dieter :o).

folks, i wouldn't believe before in how many different products are components / base materials provided by wacker and you wouldn't believe how many pretty female wacker trainees supported the organization of that event!!! i've shoot a lot of pictures today :o)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

stakes in 5 gold/silver mining companies increased

folks, i've bought few more shares in 5 precious metals companies yesterday, right before the huuuuge increase in gold/silver prices :o)
  • scorpio mining - Ag, Zn, Pb
  • uc resources - Ag
  • vg gold - Au
  • petaquilla minerals - Au
  • adamus resources - Au

good luck, my pretty, shiny stocks :-))

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

+5.28 % today! SILVER, SILVER, SILVER ;-)

folks, my portfolio is +5.28 % today! commodities, gold, SILVER, SILVER, SILVER ;-) ... yabbadabbadoo!!!

stocks bought:
  • crescent gold (Au in Australia)
  • st. barbara mines (Au in Australia - new)
  • orko silver (Ag)
  • saft (-lithium- batteries - new)

what about my CFD trading account? well, approx. +15% because of silver, natural gas, o-juice, sugar, coffee

what a nice day today ;o)

Friday, May 1, 2009

trader club event :o)

folks, that was a nice evening with many interesting like-minded people, beer, looooooong discussions about trading & stocks & brokers & automated trading systems & markets & personal networks ... and of course about the life in general :o)

let's stay in touch with some of these people ...