Sunday, September 22, 2019

scheyern abbey - bavaria

on our way home from the 70ties birthday party in franconia we have visited the the scheyern abbey (kloster scheyern). we do almost always visit some interesting spots on OR near to our roads, you know? the main reason for scheyern was to visit its brewery and to try its dark beer. well, it was not bad but also nothing what makes you crazy, at least not the first 2 or 3 glasses 😂. and the public bar we went in was also acoustically much too loud, so not the nicest place to be. but yes, there are other restaurants in the scheyern abbey too ...
the benedictine monastery scheyern was founded in 1119
 inside the benedictines abbey (benediktiner, benediktinerabtei)
the church
public bar
few more pictures here.

Saturday, September 21, 2019

ABBA songs + wonderful 70ties birthday party

what a crazy 70ties birthday party with almost non stop ABBA songs in wachendorf close to nuremberg 😃.
well, as i can't ask the other guest whether they allow me to post their pictures in the internet or not, thus i've just chosen pictures where google's face recognition failed ... that should be fair enough, shouldn't it? so enjoy few pictures of the location, my wife and myself :-)
best of all wives
two of us
the greek sirtaki dance was also part of the evening program
the leader shows the moves, the team follows 😄
 the clean-up shift the day after ...
just don't fly away on that broom, my dear 😈
done. the practice room of the local theater group is empty and clean again
haha, just found in the living room of our friend in nuremberg ~
two of us at a strange day some 26 years ago 💕😄💕
 a short break for swimming in lake pfraundorfer see close to the medieval city of beilngries
good-bye franconia (franken)

and this is the song i couldn't get out of my head for few weeks a-ha a-ha 😍.... it was simply too much ABBA music, if you asked me.
ABBA - voulez-vous (= as you like? do you want it, too?)
more pictures here.

world cleanup day

also this year few friends, other approximately 50 activists and me joined the the world cleanup day. many of them with their children, which is a very positive educational behaviour, isn't it? we tried to clean up the isar river banks. as the city of munich provides a lot of garbage cans in this area, there is not so much waste as few years ago. and thanks goodness, we do not need to compare isar with  the waste monster yangon river before the trash heroes arrived, too. 
isar river in muncih
anyway, we found a lot of plastic, empty cigarette packs and a lot of broken glass. if you asked me, the disposal of only 8 cents per bottle of beer is not enough to discourage the drinkers to throw their bottles away. maybe with a disposal of 1 euro per bottle (which is more than a beer itself costs 😃), there would be much much fewer broken beer bottles out there, wouldn't it? 

well, we also found some coins, but not enough to buy a bottle of beer 😂.
we have had a nice weather, so it was a beautiful day outside.

the biggest paradox today? i could collect much more waste in a huge waste bag on my way home from the s-bahn (metro) station neuaubing then 10 people found at the isar river banks. yes, there are no garbage cans in our part of neuaubing 😟.

our former action ramadama here.

let's keep our world clean ... and clean up after others too. somebody has to do it :-)

Sunday, September 1, 2019

lake wörthsee, bavaria

enjoy few pictures from lake wörthsee. the pictures were taken at 3 different days [september 1st (sunny) + september 29th (dark) + december 28th (ice cold)] and also at 3 different locations, so do not get confused from what you see. and yes, i was every time swimming in the lake, in december probably only 30 - 50 seconds 😆

especially the first visit was very interesting for us, as we could explore the lake and the (private) island mausinsel from the electric boat with our youngest daughter and her boyfriend. it was nice to see the lake from a different perspective than from the beach side ...
lake wörthsee as seen by google's pictures effects (december, 28th)
even more google effects ~ boat harbour (bootshafen) bachern am wörthsee
island mausinsel (september, 1st)
 heaven, what weather is there for our boat tour today?
 the private island mausinsel
 it should start to rain soon, so let's better come back on time 
lunch in etterschlag (september, 29th)
steinebach, the really small public beach area next to restaurant seehaus raabe
restaurant seehaus raabe is one of the nicest places to be in steinebach at hot summer days. my #1 is the il kiosko area below, anyway 😄
steinebach, close to the public beach at il kiosko, lake wörthsee (september, 29th). il kiosko is not the nicest but still our favorite location at wörthsee as we have been here many, many times when our eldest daughter was a small child. even today we like to swim here as the lake is easily accessible from the beach. for food only we would prefer seehaus raabe today, but we are also 25 years older now. in total (swimming+food+drinks) is the il kiosko area for us still somehow better anyway 😄
beer + girls = 😃😃😃. is there something more what does a man need on top?
steinebach, seehaus raabe (december, 28th)
the lake wörthsee is a damned ice coooooold water hole
good-bye, lake wörthsee
addendum 2020-03-07: let's meet friends in 'augustiner am wörthsee', the former fleischmann's
there is a small public bathing beach, too
in the toilet ~ so funny 😊
yacht club in steinebach close to il kioslo
it snows ⛄
more pictures here.
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