Sunday, January 17, 2016

garmisch-partenkirchen, lake pflegersee, ruin werdenfels + skiing @ alpspitze

january, 17th
well, after i often visit the zugspitze area for skiing because of its natural snow, today i have been to the garmisch classic area below the alpspitze. why? 1st of all because there was enough snow for the first weekend this season and was was minus 15 degrees celsius at the top (2033m restaurant alpspitz) and 2nd because the ski area is much, much, much better than at the zugspitz glacier. i liked especially the kandahar track and the 'alpspitz' area at osterfelderkopf (2050 m).

btw, why do we not have more snow and earlier in europe the last few years? well, if you asked me, it was probably not the best idea to burn all that oil, gas and the half of our forest in the last 2-3 generations :-(((

well, the best of all wives and me have been in garmisch also 4 weeks ago as we decided, that to stay home at night where our youngest daughter celebrated her 18th birthday would be bad for both generations :-) 

few pictures from today
what a panorama view at osterfelderkopf (2050 m) today :)
2033m, minus 15 degrees celsius, restaurant alpspitz at osterfelderkopf
the ski track goes through this small slot
garmisch hausberg area today

few pictures from december, 19th + 20th:
garmisch burgrain
lake pflegersee. more bavarian lakes here
it is december, 20th, my dears ... what about our climate?
the castle werdenfels
the (private) castle werdenfels is only a ruin today
the no. 1 room in our hotel alpengruß in partenkirchen
more pictures here