Saturday, December 11, 2010

ron paul 4 president!

addendum october 5th, 2012: ron paul on war in middle east, enjoy his insights in this short 50 seconds video from june 2011...

... one more speech on gaza / israel / middle east  (may 2011)


addendum september 17th, 2012: The attack on the US consulate in Libya and the killing of the US Ambassador and several aides is another tragic example of how our interventionist foreign policy undermines our national security. The more the US tries to control the rest of the world, either by democracy promotion, aid to foreign governments, or by bombs, the more events spin out of control into chaos, unintended consequences, and blowback. (ron paul's weekly newsletter)


addendum january 6th, 2012: what a clear agenda to change the current destructive course to freedom & peace & prosperity! hell, why do only soooo few folks listen + support the ideas of freedom?

ron paul on WikiLeaks, freedom, wars, government, government's lies, thomas jefferson, ...

wanna watch more abt FREEDOM? well, its 1 hour and 14 minutes of tough stuff ... enjoy anyway and of course, folks lets fight for freedom and against corrupt politicians and their small dirty regulators whenever and whereever we can! will you?

last but not least, what abt government spending, stimulus packages and re-distribution of taxpayers money? its not going 2 do much good either, is it?

last but not least a great great great interview (40 minutes) ... so if u have the time 2 watch it, make sure you will ... enjoy :-)

ron paul on NWO:


and yes, let's add also a picture of ron paul (in case all these youtube previews doesn't work properly)
source: taken as a screenshot from here

addendum november 14th, 2012: Congressman Ron Paul's Farewell Speech to Congress  ... ode to freedom + peace + prosperity ... of, course, this 48 minutes video is presented for hard core fans of both ron paul + liberty ~ enjoy ... and yes, good-bye, ron and thanks for your huge contribution to peace + freedom :-)

addendum july 2014: ron paul on MH17, the malaysian civil airplane shot down over eastern ukraine .. so wise, my dears


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