Sunday, February 23, 2014

lake constance ~ bodensee (DE, AT, CH) as seen from the pfänder mountain (1064 m)

what about the beautiful lake constance aka bodensee? three countries DE + AT + CH? not really my dears ...
 ... there is just ONE WORLD :-=)

but yes, the bodensee area and its surrounding hills + cities are really nice :-). enjoy few pictures from our wedding anniversary trip. after the city of bregenz (AT) and before the city of  lindau (DE) we have visited the mountain pfänder (1064 m) by cable car from bregenz and liked a lot what we have seen up there ....
 austria switzerland + liechtenstein? not really, just ONE WORLD
 a nice small mountain restaurant up there
two of us
 capricorn in a wild park up there
 mr. deer
last view from pfänder mountain, let's go back to the bodensee

more pictures? see my g+ album ... Vierländer-Blick (Österreich, Deutschland, Schweiz, Liechtenstein)


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