Saturday, February 7, 2015

SiKo - occupy 'security' conference = occupy war street :-)

pictures and insights from the protest2015 against the 'security' conference aka SiKo aka sicherheitskonferenz aka wehrkundetagung = former name and yes, that's what the conference is all about = the place where the war industry meets the war management (= politics + 'security' advisers). the best example is ukraine's putch president poroshenko, who has no money but buys weapons en masse to kill own citizens with u.s. + european borrowed money :-(
stop north atlantic terror organization (NATO), stop WAR
... and in the world
 go novo-russia go, wow wow :-)
NATO = WWW = world wide WAR

more insights, speech of a survivor of the odessa massacre, peace song and much more below => click
how funny, the police blamed me for wearing the guy fawkes mask, lol ... of course it is not allowed to be mummed at demonstrations in germany, but you know what? i wore the mask not in my face but on my back:o). how stupid are they actually? anyway, they've noted all the data from the copy of my ID-card (you know. i just bear a copy of my ID-card and copy of my driver's license in case the stupid police is going to control me) and have to wait what the higher police authority thinks about 'the issue' ... it looks like we will start writing letters to each others, the police commissariat and me ...

there was a small pro-kiew-junta demonstration in the city as well :-( ... the war criminal poroshenko was supposed to attend, but i haven't seen him near there ... and yes, i've attended the pro-donbass demonstration at the other side of the karlsplatz stachus (divided by the street and few police units)

now few slogans:

deutschland finanziert, poroschenko bombardiert 
odessa, odessa, das war mord, kampf dem faschismus an jedem ort
leute hört mit glotzen auf, schließt euch unserer demo an
deutsche waffen, deutsches geld, morden mit in aller welt

insights + pictures:
odessa massacre survivor speaking (russian + german)
message from lugansk
germany's priest-president gauck, also a war monger :-(
the gaza massacre is no self-defense
there was a pro-ukrainian nationalists event with war criminal poroshenko attending ... and look at our answer :-)
poroshenko is murder
poroschenko ist ein mörder
ken jebsen
konstantin wecker
me + one pretty peace activist with our montagsdemo (mahnwache für frieden) banner
johann saiger (in german) about war danger in europe and germany as the sacrificial lamb for the american driven WW3 (minute 16:00 - 20:00)
to make long story short, christoph hörstel explains what johann saiger said
source here
let's end with a peace song :-)
peace song (english +russian)

more protest2015 pictures here

last year's siko-event


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