Saturday, May 16, 2015

riegsee + froschhauser see

my swimming season in bavaria opened ... naked :-)

i've walked around the lake riegsee 9 km => about 2 hours. but yes, it was not a nice trail as it was often much too far from the lake through villages, traffic roads or through overfertilized fields along barbed wire fence. and there is not enough public access to the lake too :-(( anyway, i could see / understand a lot about rural bavaria today :-)

but at least the weather, the beergarden in the riegsee camping place with many, many vegetarian dishes and the swimming in the cold lake were fine :-)

btw, we have middle of may, my dears. in summer is the riegsee one of the warmest bavarian lakes, you know?

lake riegsee / murnau as seen from the south side
murnau, part froschhausen
rural bavaria all over the lake :-)
a nice (private) castle in neuegling
lake riegsee as seen from the north
... and yes, there are the alps over there
village riegsee (they have the camping place + sunny beergarden with many, many vegetarian dishes i mentioned above. the view from the terrace was not too nice as there were many camping waggons between restaurant and the lake, but the food + beer + the prices were fine)

lake froschhauser see was my starting point today (there is a parking place, 4hours  for 1 euro

there is one more interesting lake in the murnau area, the staffelsee with 7 islands. it is much bigger than my today's lakes, the circular track is 20 km long ... well, for later this summer, isn't it?

more pictures from today here ... and more bavarian lakes here :-)
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