Saturday, February 13, 2016

wehrkundetagung ~ 'security' conference, munich

the munich wehrkundetagung (=military congress) is better known as the security conference today. well, it is still a congress, where the weapon industry meets politics + military officials + secret services => it is a perfect western war planning and war business event sponsored by western industry ...

of course, i do not join the conference but the protest against it. enjoy few pictures ==> PEACE
folks, let's stop wars + imperialism NOW. why? #1 #2 #3 #etc
 #1 (war)
 #3 (refugees)
 creative people all over the place
one of the many speakers, konstantin wecker (listen to his protest song empört euch ~ rise against)
so true
 NATO's trail of blood => so sad ...
more pictures here

update september 2016, sahra wagenknecht speaking in german parliament (bundestag): link
source: here

#SiKo #sicherheitskonferenz #wehrkundetagung #nato

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