Monday, August 1, 2016

rethymno - crete -greece

what about crete in early august? well, we have had 37 to 40 degrees celsius in the shadow in western crete (rethymnon / rethymno), where we spent one week of our summer holidays wit our youngest daughter :-)
the obligatory sunset
our beach in missiria (eastern rethymnon)
port + historic city centre of rethymno
the best of all wives
the venetian fortress (fortezza) in rethymno
lake kourna
the fat cat of silver city argiroupolis (= ancient lappa)
st. nicolaos church in one of the many canyons of western crete
there are not many vultures (geier) left in europe, but few of them live up there
old venetian house in rethymno
there is still a lot to improve in greece ... no wonder the young people riot, you know ... e.g.our waitresses earned only approx. 900 euros a month and have only 3 days free ... wtf? 900 euros for 27 days of full-time-job? omg :-(

even more pictures here
our last year's visit to central crete (malia - heraklion)

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