Saturday, June 17, 2017

BGL ~ berchtesgadener land

let's upload few pictures from our so nice long weekend in the berchtesgadener land (BGL), the very southeast of germany.
scenery in the wimbachklamm canyon
our stops in the alps this time were:
  • grünstein mountain 1304 m
  • e-bike tour with friends to the kührointalm below the watzmann mountain (2713 m)
  • lake königssee
  • the historic city center of berchtesgaden
  • scharitzkehlalm
  • the 500 years old salt mine salzbergwerk in berchtesgaden
  • dinner with friends in nearby salzburg / austria
  • wimbachklamm canyon
  • thumsee ~ more bavarian lakes here
  • mauthäusl in the weißbachschlucht / weißbachklamm (weissbachschlucht)
 our hotel salzberg in berchtesgaden (salz = salt = gold)
the best of all viwes trying to change me (my life?) by drawing new lifelines :-)

in the brewery, berchtesgaden
 lake königssee
the former refugee camp where í spent few weeks 29 years ago, now empty
in the 500 years old salt mine
 salt production before (by hand): 6 cm per day
salt production 2000 (by hand-machine): 2 m per shift
salt production today (by machine (special bagger): 6 m per shift
=> that's a great example how fast we ill-use earth's resources nowadays :-(
 lake thumsee 
two of us hiking to the grünstein peak
more pictures here.
insights + pictures from our last visit in winter 2016 are here +  here.
my dear BGL, i hope to see you again soon :-)
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