Saturday, July 8, 2017

hinteres hörnle, 1548 m

next nice hiking trip (1.5 - 2 hours) to the bavarian alps -> we walked up to the hinteres hörnle (1548 m) mountain from bad kohlgrub. after that we have enjoyed the nearby swamp lake bayersoien. it is a really warm lake because it is on average only 2m deep, the deepest point is 2.5 meters.
 bad kohlgrub
 fallow deer compound
 bavarian forest cows :-)
 our first stop in an alm (restaurant) at the (lower) hörnle mountain, 1390 m
 old german stone meteorological station, so funny :-)
 hinteres hörnle (hoernle), 1548 m
good-bye, hörnle + bad kohlgrub ...
swamp lake in bad bayersoien
more pictures here
more bavarian lakes? here :-)
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