Saturday, June 1, 2019

SICILY - natural reserve VENDICARI & fishermen's village MARZAMEMI

on our aganda was the natural reserve vendicari & the historic fishermen's village marzamemi today. there were many, many birds and an ancient tuna fish factory (tonnara) in the natural reserve. and yes, the visit of marzamemi for dinner was like a journey into the past :-)
NP vendicari 
enjoy few pictures ­čśĆ
a really, really dirty beach close to the natural reserve vendicari ­čśĺ
a birds' paradise
tuna fish factory
the old fisherman's village marzamemi
a destroyed tuna fish factory
a small lake in marzamemi
candle lights dinner with the best of all wives
good night, marzamemi
more pictures here.
the overview blog post about all our stops in sicily here.

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