Friday, June 7, 2019

SICILY ~ normans castle in ACI CASTELLO

next stop on our tour through sicily was the castle castello normanno in the small town aci castello which was built by scandinavian attackers (normans) in 1076. after an eruption of the etna in 1169 became the former island part of the coast, so stands today the castle on the mainland of sicily.
enjoy few pictures 😉
                                         town hall
castle castello normanno (norman castle)
thy cyclop islands. there is a legend that a jealous cyclop killed (his human competitor for a woman) aci while he slept ... and then somehow arose the aci land (today's aci castello area close to catania)
we enjoyed even the small museum in the castle
the town aci castello
more pictures here.
the overview about all our stops in sicily here.

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