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CORONA Covid-19 / SARS-CoV-2 & beer city of radeberg

flu viruses ⟺ approximately 10% influenza + 10% corona + 4% RSV + 30% rhino + 46% unknown = 100%
(source: the words in dr. wodarg video in blog post below or here)

please read / listen to dr. wodarg who's views 'opened' my eyes already in march 2020 und who is still correct on the orchestrated corona (plandemic) hystery, if you asked me ...

where to stop for lunch and sightseeing on our way back home from poland? what about the beer city of radeberg in saxony / germany?  [=> just to make sure, it was before all that corona justified restricted movement in europe, of course]
bierstadt radeberg is the home of radeberger pilsner, not of the corona beer or coronavirus 😇

yes, we're still allowed to drink a beer or two AND to drive as fast as we want to in germany, you know? it will not last forever, my dears 😇🚙🍺
what says the statistics? we have less and less road traffic fatalities despite overwhelmingly increasing traffic in germany for years. in 2019 it was 'only' 3,059 or 8.3 people a day for an 83 million nation, the lowest number since that statistic begun 60 years ago. btw, according to WHO there are 1.35 million traffic fatalities a year worldwide, most of them (approx. 150,000) in india. even worse: we have approx. 9 million hunger deaths a year (or 1 every 3 seconds) according to wikipedia (in 2007).
road traffic fatalities in germany over the years ~ source here

in germany, we have approx. 900,000 deaths a year (e.g. exactly 932,272 in 2017 according to german statistics office here) with a population of 83 million people. out of this death toll numbers are cardiovascular diseases (344,524 or 37%) and cancer (227,590 or 24.4%) the two biggest categories. flu diseases are supposed to count for 10,000 - 30,000 deaths a year (according to various sources). in the above statistics source were 1,176 deaths diagnosed in 2017 as directly influenza virus related, which would mean all kinds of flu count for approx. 10,000 victims (see the graph below for the different flu causes) ... worldwide there are probably 290,000 - 650,000 influenza related deaths a year ... we do not have every year a bad flu season, you know?
average fatalities in germany, in sum ~900,000 a year. source here
fatalities worldwide (~57 million a year) source IHME at
yes, there are ~140 million births a year, too.

just to make sure: despite all that current hysteria, do you know how many people died in germany on CORONA virus this year (i.e. till march, 6th 2020)? no? the answer is ZERO people. any lessons learned? 😇😇😇
get more bill gates memes about COVID-19 / COVID-2019 / SARS-CoV-2 from source (btw, the bill and melinda gates sponsored WHO is NOT any better than the gates couple itself, you know?)
source here
big brother bill gates by ben garrisson at

even the european mortality statistics on a weekly basis 'EURO MOMO' shows that this year we have a quite weak flu season in europe (that includes italy, of course). just to make sure, in germany (and probably in all europe) die the most people in winter time between december and march. the month with the most fatalities in germany is the shortest month of the year, the february...
winter 2020: this is a weak flu season in europe (including italy). just see the weekly mortality statistics by EuroMOMO - wöchentliche sterblichkeitstabellen ~ source: EuroMOMO
two weeks of forced holidays in my office job because of the soooo dangerous corona covid-19 virus. isn't it a normal flu season like every winter? in europe we have according to the euromomo weekly deaths statistics (above) even much weaker flu season than in winter 2017 or 2018 => CHEERS 🍺

and yes, here is one of the many panic spreading corona countdowns. 34,663 death till march, 30th 2020, 12:09 out of 731,598 corona cases and with 154,430 recovered. in the same time died probably 300,000 on the 'normal' influenza as every year die 290,000 - 650,000. find the system error ...
the coronavirus hysteria reached the financial markets few days ago, too. 
even today is oil more than 7% down (on a single day !!!). snapshot onvista app from friday 2020-03-06. second snapshot is from moday 2020-03-09: on paper markets (futures exchange) is oil down more than 25% on a single day => paper markets are so crazy 😵 ... on april, 15th fell oil even to $19.50

more thoughts about the corona virus? here we go:
panikdino (source islieb here) is made by mainstream media
hunger is more dangerous than zika, CORONA and ebola viruses together but is not seen as a danger. why not? because the rich cannot get infected. so sad, so true (source facebook-group ''Wacht Auf Das System schläft nicht Die Seite" here)

of course, there are also many, many stupid jokes on the internet like this one about keeping the 1,5m distance to each other ...
coronasutra - source here
Dr. Wodarg ~ flu & corona cases are 2020 not worse than the years before. there are always about 7%-15% of flu cases caused by corona vires. if we assume 10% of flu takes the corona fraction in order to count easily, that means from the 20,000-30,000 flue deaths a year in germany there are 2,000-3,000 oorona deaths every year. in germany we have officially 11 deceased till march, 16th ... => what is different this time? why all this panic out there? they do not test average people in the streets this year, they test patients in clinics and often patients at intensive care stations instead. they will have more corona cases and die more often then average healthy people, won't they? => CUI BONO?

trump vs. china & mexico (source here)
source here
how can we end the epidemic? just switch the mainstream media off. source here
so funny. so true 😂 (source here)
edward snowden on corona (source here)
source here
source here
orwell's 1984 becoming a truth in 2020? source here

enjoy more of my political (incorrect) cartoons & pictures HERE

sadhguru helps to fights the corona virus 👾
source youtube here

what could we learn from the corona pandemic?  read here an interesting blog published by my blog-tags buddy adelheid in german here (~~> to slow down and protect the earth 💓)

enjoy one anti-virus-panic post with heavy NWO & 1984 worries by andersmensch (in german).

f*ck the so called elites, f*ck the NWO .. listen to anonymous 💗

cui bono? is the corona hysteria just a means to end to install NWO's total control over the planet's inhabitants? any other purpose or reason? well, maybe are our european governments much to powerful and much to stupid that they are able and willing to shut down our national economies. who knows for sure? anyway, let's listen 4 minutes to david icke

... or a litle bit longer (a too long videao for my taste) to finance journalist ernst wolff.

also good but much too long: journalist billy six visits clinics in berlin and speaks to anti-coronapanic doctors (wodarg, köhnlein, belsky, mölling, fiddike) about corona and the current hysteria. of course, they tell a completely different story than the coronatest guy dr. drosten from the charite institute in berlin. i especially liked the opinion and the really sympathetic way of the austrian doctor jaroslav belsky. not only because of his forename 😃... 46 minutes in german

a really interesting opinion by andreas popp
christoph hörstel (neue mitte) über NWO / deep state vormarsch durch die corona (covid-19) krise, 18.04.2020:
one more opinion about corona / world / trends from gerald celente

... one more time gerald celente (14 minutes)
last but not least, enjoy few pictures from the beer city 🍺 radeberg 😃
my sweet daughters 💕
 hotel kaiserhof's beer bar is next to the radeberger pilsner brewery, which was founded in 1872. the original pilsner beer (pilsner urquell) comes from the quite nearby city of pilsen in today's czech republic and dates from 1842. we are not going to speak about the mexican corona beer today, are we?
 there is a destillery, too ~ radeberger destillery since 1877 (liqueurfabrik)

main town square
 town hall (left)
 watch out for the pizzeria la piazza in the orange building on the right side 😵. why? the food was fine, but the so kind and friendly waiter did not show us the bill and asked for too much money. bad luck for him as our youngest daughter calculated our expected expenses really fast AND therefore asked for the bill. after some time and discussion between the two waiters we have got a bill and our daughter found out there were 4 main courses instead of 3 for three of us. stupid he, would he 'add' just a drink or a salad to our bill, we wouldn't notice and/or ask => any lessons learned? 😄

arts in radeberg ...

more pictures here.
btw, the next bigger city close to radeberg is the former saxonian kings' residence dresden.

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