Saturday, January 2, 2021

good news about corona covid-19

dear fellow bloggers and dear mainstream media, let's stop all these negative news in 2021, will we? how? it's really easy. as a small example, in case of corona sars-cov-2 covid-19 let's stop reporting the panic making total number of infected / death people with corona for a short time frame like the new infections per day. let's report the survival rate only. here we go 😍😂😇:

source of the data is in the picture itself, but was not checked by me yet. it is most likely true as my example for germany below shows a similar rate of 99.953% 😉

in germany we have had 39,201 deaths with and on corona covid-19 in 2020 according to the official RKI statistics from 29th january 2021, see the table below. and yes, they've most likely manipulated i.e. more then doubled the numbers in/from october (i've made an screenshot in late november which already contained the final data for october, just look here). anyway, when we take a population of 83.2 millions into account, it means a survival rate of  99.953%. although in december died much more people than on average (you will find the tables below), there was no significant excess mortality (übersterblichkeit) in 2020, too. we have more people in germany than in the first year of the statistics (2016) and we have many more old people than in 2016. in the group 80+ there are 1 million more seniors in 2020 compared to 2016, thus is also the mortality in this vulnerable group at its average rate. well, there was no pandemic (pan = all, demos = people/crowd) in 2020 but a worldwide PLANdemic about the control of us 99% by the 1%, if you asked me 😓
=> 99.953% survived 😃
on top, in germany was the number of intensive care beds according to official RKI/divi statistics at no point in 2020 overloaded, just see the intensivregister stats
dark blue area means occupied intensive care beds, the upper two are free beds
death numbers overview 2016 - 2020 (source
death numbers by age group 2020
„Der Tod sitzt vor der Stadtmauer und wartet. Ein Gelehrter kommt vorbei, setzt sich zu ihm und fragt: „ Was tust du hier?“ Der Tod antwortet: „Ich geh jetzt in die Stadt und hole mir 100 Menschen.“ Der Gelehrte rennt in die Stadt und ruft aufgeregt: „ Der Tod wird kommen und 100 Menschen mitnehmen!“ Daraufhin rennen alle Menschen panisch in ihre Häuser und sperren sich über viele Wochen ein, 5000 Menschen sterben. Als der Gelehrte die Stadt verlässt, sitzt Der Tod immer noch dort und der Gelehrte sagt zornig: „Du wolltest 100 Menschen holen, es waren aber 5000!“ Der Tod antwortete: „Ich hab 100 geholt, Kranke und Alte, wie jede Woche. Den Rest hat die Angst geholt, für die du zuständig bist!“

btw, how do you define the proportionality principle? just as an example, see the average daily deaths vs. corona-september-2020 in baden-württemberg (tagessterblichkeitsgrafik) ... well, there were many deaths with at on corona in november + december (more than 4,000 in baden-württenberg, thus there are 6,177 corona deaths in a year => 17 per day but still many less then the 107 heart diseases)

what a check of covid-19 facts (found at here):
... and different than the (worldwide) governments' opinions (found at here):

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