Saturday, May 28, 2022

fugger city weissenhorn in swabia (bavaria BY)

weissenhorn / weißenhorn is the #2 fugger city in germany (after augsburg). what makes a fugger city interesting? well, the fuggers were probably the riches family on earth in the 16th century, you know? i really liked this beautiful small city and its market square brewery barfüßer in the bavarian disrict schwaben / swabia. unlike today, swabia was a huge historic territory in medieval southwest germany before. 
there is a beautiful medieval city called weissenburg with unesco heritage roman border (limes) in franconian part of bavaria, too. so please do not mix up these two wonderful cities as i do soooo often. will you? 😄

weißenhorn in bayern (bavaria)
old city gate
 fugger castle
the church behind the city gate is next to the castle
the 2nd old city gate on the left

brewery barfüßer

more pictures here.

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