Thursday, June 4, 2009

gold/silver is back!

how crazy are the folks out there? yesterday 3% down, today 3% back up! many gold/silver stocks leveraged that movement 3 to 5 times!

my purchases in the last 2 days:
  • megastar development - Au, bargain-priced addendum to my former position because of stroooong insider buying
  • sns silver - new, Ag, the future sunshine mine operator?
  • sterling silver - Ag, the future sunshine mine operator?
who will gain control over the sunshine silver mine in idaho? folks, that's the one of the richest silver mines in u.s. history and currently a property of bob mori's sunshine precious metals (spmi). there is a legal dispute concerning the long term lease rights between the cayman islands' managed sterling silver & minco silver on the one side and the traditional silver valley / idaho based sns silver on the other side ...

... do not worry who wins the fight as i've bought stocks in both bankruptcy assessed competitors sterling + sns :-)). at least one of them should recover strongly after the final decision over the sunshine mine, shouldn't it? what about minco silver? yep, i own also few shares of that ambitious priced company :o)

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