Wednesday, June 10, 2009

hyperinflation, welcome on planet earth again ...

well, it is like every time when the folks out there act like stupid idiots and create soooo much fiat money out of thin air - the HYPERINFLATION arrived @ planet earth again .... welcome, u ugly monster which will eat the most of us alive ... yes, we vote for these stupid corrupt morons in our stupid deficit addicted governments. yes, they authorize these stupid corrupt central bankers to produce all that fraud money. zimbabwe, here we go! yes, we don't deserve anything else!!!

few of today's price increases as a small example: industrial metals spiked between 2.84% (aluminium) and 6.31% (tin), oil +1.48%, silver +1.94%, wheat +2.8%, rice +3.77%, ..., common stocks (s&p500) + 0.35%

well, at least my energy-gold-silver-commodity-portfolio moved a little bit higher again: +2.08%

yes, we are freaking doomed! yes, we don't deserve anything else!!!
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