Saturday, September 19, 2009

#jarobuys silver, acadian mining, kws saat, private owned, bravo venture

folks, after our cheaper than expected vacation there is still some money left into my pockets => let's go shopping :-)

  • silver long $17.33 (incl. spread, no commissions) - i thought the silver price will bounce back up 2 days ago, it didn't ... therefore i expect my stop loss limit @ 16.93 will become active soon if it already didn't yesterday evening as i can't open my trading platform just now (that would be a loss of $40 per 1 CFD contract) ... #jarosells silver @ $16.93, my position got wiped out. i'm not sure if the silver future actually fell bellow $16.95 on friday as my favorite commodity-price-website shows the daily low $16.99 instead. i will check that later, but just in case when silver will not fell bellow my limit on monday in some more regular way ... anyway, my OTC broker is also the market maker in that CFD trading platform and thus 'allowed' to make its own quotes ...
  • acadian mining €0.054 (without commissions) - one of very few precious metals explorers/producers where the share price didn't advance 20-50% in the last month in the recent bull market upswing ... i think the share price of acadian mining could start to reflect that soooo positive news flow soon, what's your opinion?
  • bravo venture €0.336 (without commissions) - like acadian, bravo also didn't advance much in the last 4 weeks, yesterday it even fell bellow my purchase level. let's watch how will that position develop in the next months/years :-)
  • kws saat €114.6 (without commissions) - well, i had no extra 200 €uros few months ago 2 buy 2 shares when that big german agricultural (seeds) producer (watch out, monsanto!) quoted bellow €100. even with the commission of €10 my avarage price would stay bellow 100 €uros. on wednesday i've bought 3 shares and moved that position from my watchlist into my portfolio finally! i liked the owner structure of that traditional stock (est. 1856) as there are still 2 families who own a major part of the company (56%) and i'm sure that unlike bonus-oriented-managers of common stock companies the owners wish that the company will provide profits also for their next generations. let's take part in that! btw, a buddy of mine is a remote relative of the actual owners, that's the reason i know the company :-). a small bonus 4 mathematicians among us: folks, what do u think, at what price would my profit on 3 a little bit more expensive purchased shares overweight the profit of 2 cheaper purchased shares? in the 1st step (to make that exercise easier) pls do not consider the dividend of €1.70 per share in your calculations, but 2 get the whole 'picture' u should do it in the 2nd step, will u? hmmmmmm, did warren buffett say that the biggest part of the profit in stock investing is in the cheap purchase price? or was it someone else? it's prolly right ... the solution for the 1st step of our '3 vs. 2 shares computing game' shows that the break even point will be reached at about the €150 level! there is still a long way 2 go, isn't it?

good luck my shiny investments :-)

ps: when is the best time 2 sell gold/silver and gold/silver stocks? i think we could use the gold-dow-ratio as an proper indicator again. let's think about selling when the ratio will reach levels bellow 3. what's your opinion?

addendum, december 18, 2009: hell! 2day is the moment i've understood what private companies are there for!

folks, you still remember my purchase of few shares of KWS saat, the traditional german seeds/agriculture specialists? they are controlled by 2 families and there is just abt 33.1% of free floating shares on the market ... i'm just gonna 2 tell u the issue #2 from their AGM 2009 invitation (btw, the #1 was just some sort of 'hello folks' i think :-):

Re item 2 on the agenda: Resolution on the appropriation of the net retained profit

The Executive Board and the Supervisory Board propose utilizing the net retained profit of € 12,310,000.00 from the net income of KWSSAAT AG for 2008/2009 as follows: Distribution of a dividend of € 1,80 for each of the total of 6,600,000 shares € 11,880.000.00. Net profit brought forward € 430,000.00. The dividend will be paid on or after December 18, 2009.

now u also know the purpose of private companies, don't u? hell, it is sooo easy! just 2 make money for the owners :-)

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