Tuesday, June 26, 2012

5 years older

national theatre in my birth city kosice, slovakia

friends, i've just spent a nice weekend in slovakia, joining our high school class reunion after 25 years we left the school ... well, we use to join every 5 years, so i'm 5 years older this week, you know?

of course, there will be some insights and there will be some pictures, but please be patient, i have so much other stuff to do right now ...

hmmm, what to tell you about the event? well, we have been 3 days in a hotel/hostel close to our high school city kosice, in the recreation area ruzin (lake + hills) .... and yes, there were few happy classmates, few rich, few lucky, few unhappy, few unlucky classmates, there was our class teacher and our mathematics teacher (we have been a special mathematics class back then) and yes, there was me ... do i need to tell anything more? no, just show you the pictures?  it's fine with me, my dears. damn, i'm not sure how comfortable are my classmates about being 'published' in the internet, so i will prolly choose only few 'innocent' pictures, ok?

don't worry, i did take advantage of being that close to my old home that i also visited my family and few other friends in kosice.

  PICTURES (completed yet) ... please watch out, there are too many pictures again so enlarge just the most promising ones ... see you in 5 years again, my dears ;-)
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