Sunday, July 1, 2012

BMW ~ family day

BMW headquarters + the BMW museum in front in the small round building

friends & family day @ BMW in munich (milbertshofen, olympiazentrum) today. well, we have welcomed the chance to enter the factory space in order to see something very special ... we have probably expected too much fun + party feeling because of a similar event @ MAN 4 years ago (250 years celebration) ... it was more like a beer garden visit today with some car / motorcycle background with cars from the BMW family (rolls-royce, MINI, husqvarna, BMW) ... and even the prices were the usual munich's price level  ... 0.5 liter beer 3 €uro, 1/2 chicken 8.50 €uro and the like ... we have expected something like beer 1 euro, food 3 euro, a family day, you know? didn't the company earned billions recently? 2011 was an absolute record year, 2012 started even better ...

anyway, we have enjoyed the different atmosphere than during my work day spirit, met some friends, painted some walls, made some pictures ~ enjoy ;-)

unknown artist? radka?

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