Monday, April 15, 2013

gold-man sucks

trading is easy my dears, especially if you know some facts before all others do or if you know the reaction of the others after your calls, like goldman sachs (or warren buffett) for example certainly do ...

the goldman-sucks guys just made a call to short gold last week. just look what happened to the gold market after that in the last two trading sessions ... down from $1550 to $1344 :o(
source: my broker's dab bank website today

just in case you like silver better, silver was hit even harder ... right now, few minutes before the wall street market closes is gold -9.58%, silver -12.52% and many many mining stocks even worse than that => free fall in the precious metals markets :-((

let's show you what happened the last time we have seen a drop in gold/silver like that, let's jump to zero-hedge :-). damn, probably the u.s. attacks iran soon? or we better ask goldman-sachs, they know for sure ... thx goodness we have rescued them with our tax money in 2008, who would teach us a lesson like this one today otherwise?

may i ask you one last question, my dears?

if you asked me, i know when will the gold + silver go up again. it is easier as you think ... just thinkthinkthink, try it ... and try it again ... ok, the answer is: if it will be owned by the right gold-men. as for now, gold is owned by greece, cyprus, italy, portugal, germany and the like btw, i'm not going to answer zero's turtle's question ...

last but not least, let's read the opinion and strategy of my favorite precious metals dealer, pro aurum, concerning the recent crazy price decline HERE (in german)

go GOLD bugs go and let's crash the fraudulent fiat money system NOW :-)

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