Wednesday, January 1, 2014

hallstatt (unesco heritage)

well, i was quite disappointed after visiting hallstatt, the unesco cultural heritage and city which was copied and re-built by one chinese mining company as an 1 : 1 replica somewhere in china. even when we have had a bad weather it still was interesting to see the old houses + 2 or 3 churches squashed between the lake hallstätter see and the rocks of the dachstein massif, but i've expected something more, to be honest from this heritage (weltkulturerbe) in the salzkammergut region of austria

enjoy few pictures anyway
 2nd church
 view from the 2nd church down to the lake and the 1st church ...
 skulls and bones
good-bye dachstein
just in case you want to read about the history of hallstatt: salt (world's first known salt mine is located just above the city), bronze, other metals, ... and probably also fishing + hunting + forestry and today tourism, of course :-)

more pictures in my g+ album

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