Thursday, January 2, 2014

wolpertinger (wild bavarian animals seen at mountain predigtstuhl above bad reichenhall)

take care, wolpertingers out there at mountain predigtstuhl (1613 m) above bad reichenhall. wolper what? wolpertinger is a rare bavarian animal, you know? just look it up in wikipedia (there are more pictures in german language article, but you can switch to english as well).


well, on the 3rd day of our wolfgangsee / austria trip on the way back we have visited the predigtstuhl mountain by world's oldest cable car still active in original state (predigtstuhlbahn from 1928) and after that walked around in bad reichenhall, the poor sister of its austrian salt mining cousin salzburg ...

 panoramic view from predigtstuhl 1613 m 
walking around at predigtstuhl
going down from predigtstuhl 1613 m (you see the cross?) the old bavarian style :-) ... or do you better like the new bavarian style?
 lunch break in the mountain inn at predigtstuhl
2 wolpertingers :-)
let's go down to bad reichenhall with the oldest still active cable car (opened 1928)
down in bad reichenhall again
 bad reichenhall
 old salt factory 
 there is no nice city centre out there, just 2 shopping streets ,,,
waiting for my wife, drinking water in ladies section
more pictures: g+ album

... and here is our next visit here 10 months later :-)
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