Sunday, June 29, 2014


one year after the bavarian police evicted the refugee hunger strike in munich, there was a commemoration event on the former refugee camp area with information, refugees, arts, fellow friend activists ...

btw, did you know, that according to UNO refugee help there are currently approximately 51 millions refugees in the world? most of them (approx 33m) stayed in their own countries, only approx 18m moved abroad, mostly to neighbour countries.
because of the current western driven imperialistic war against syria which killed approx 150,000 people till now, the most refugees are currently syrians. approx 6m of them are still in syria and approx 2.5 m are abroad.

only 110,000 refugees managed to come to germany seeking asylum in 2013 ... so as so often, the media driven fear of refugees streaming here is far away from truth ...

of course, the major reason for refugees leaving their homes is war and/or poverty below the level the people could sustain ... if you asked me, just stopping the economic exploitation and imperialistic wars would be the major step to stop that sad refugee misery around the globe ... what do you think, can we western nations and our so aggressive north atlantic terror organisation (NATO) afford fairness and peace?

few pictures ...
 no one is illegal
enjoy more pictures in my g+ album this and that

just for the protocol: 26 years ago, in june 1988 i came as a political refugee from at that time socialistic czechoslovakia seeking freedom to munich myself ... i have got 324 deutschmark (approx 160 euros) monthly for 5 or 6 months back than ... hell, how many times did i pay back that money via taxes back? who wants to ask the german treasury secretary? lol
let's hope victor hugo was right and that the time for fairness and peace all over the globe is now (quote):

An invasion of armies can be resisted, but not an idea whose time has come. ~ Victor Hugo (1802-1885)
source: my old blog about empathy
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