Friday, June 13, 2014

suedtirol ~ south tyrol (italy)

sooo, holiday pictures finally uploaded ~ our stay at seiser alm (3 or 4 nights) was really, really  nice :-)

our stop in south tyrol (italy):
  • st. vigil (hotel vigiler hof)
  • bozen (bolzano)
  • seiser alm
  • kastelruth
  • völs am schlern
  • burg prösels
  • völser weiher
  • klausen (on our way back to munich)
 schlern as seen from st. vigil
wellness program for the body
wellness program 4 the brain @hotel vigilerhof => just switch the mainstream & fake media off :-)
 seiser alm
seiser alm (puflatsch 2100m)
 bozen - bolzano

 burg prösels

völser weiher

 klausen - chiusa
more pictures here

good-bye south tyrol, auf wiedersehen südtirol, ciao alto adige ...
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