Saturday, July 26, 2014


whatever i dress, wherever i go, yes is yes and no is no. ... yes my dears, it is as easy as that.
source: the event site @ facebook here

btw, the slutwalk movement begun 2011 in toronto ... after a policeman suggested that women should avoid dressing like sluts as a precaution against unwanted sexual attention. (read more on wikipedia)

few pictures from the march against (sexual) violence through the streets of munich ... #slutwalk2014
no one is illegal ~ is there the refugee orga team on start? refugees strike 2013:

lat's move to the gaza demo for peace to ostbahnhof
the all seeing eye from here via the 1 USD note ,,, (paper) money is the evil responsible for wars and so much injustice isn't it? 

more pictures in my g+ album here

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