Sunday, October 26, 2014


ebola (panic) ~ created by pentagon in order to try out some gene-manipulating 'medicine' on the poorest of the poor? 

the next conspiracy theory which is much more likely as the official version of the issue we get served by mainstream media ... and yes, today it is not possible to develop vaccines in 2 months after the 'illness' outbreaks and there are at least 3 companies who have produced vaccines against the current tribe of ebola yet ... any additional questions out there?

just watch the short german documentary ... pentagon's feldversuch (an den ärmsten von den armen)? in der 2-ten hälfte des videos: gefahr von (baby)impfungen ...

what about the help for the affected region in western africa (sierra leone, nigeria, liberia, guinea ...)? should the soldiers fight against the illness or just occupy the region (and maybe prevent chinese economic influence)?

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