Wednesday, October 1, 2014

just conspiracy theories? not really :-)

well, conspiracy has a bad name. but is it really what it deserves?

what is conspiracy? conspiracy is when few people who know something tell (all) other people something completely different. like if parents tell their child santa claus brought all that christmas presents :-)

if you asked me, in western politics are the most conspiracy theories much more likely to be true as the official notes, aren't they?
and  yes, if there is no investigation even if the issue is not solved you can be sure that those currently in power do not wish to present the truth (maidan shootings, release of the data from MH-17's black box which is in london since months, MH-370, ...).
in the most cases we just have to ask ourselves who profits most from the official version of the specific issue in order to know who is most likely responsible for that tragedy.

well, let's start a conspiracy library here and let's enhance the materials step by step (soon?):
source: here
  • 9/11 ~ the key to the war on terror, which has cost many many folks especially in afghanistan, libya, syria, iraq etc their lives and made the planet a less save place as before ~ (motivated by yesterday presentation at the montagsdemo in munich about the 47 floors high building WTC7 which collapsed rather by controlled demolition [= conspiracy theory] than by office fire [= official version] (source: + what about the early warnings by CIA whistleblower susan lindauer?


  • malaysian flight MH17 shoot down over eastern ukraine by pro-russian forces [= official version] ~ ron paul's opinion ~ why the is no release of the data from MH17's black box which is in london since months? unwanted truth? ... and here comes the analysis + military experiment from (russian television) ~ it was shot down by military aircrat(s) from the air ~ ~ any open questions out there?
  • missing malaysian airplane MH370 ~ because of 4 chinese patent holders (out of 5) on its board? let's watch what anonymous found out (jacob rothschild profits most as his company freescale semiconductors becomes the sole owner of an important semiconductor patent)

  • maidan shootings ~ still no investigations by the new powers in kiev => any doubts about the committers?
  • odessa massacre ~ ukrainian fascist hooligans killed and burned russian minority in trade  unions house ~ article (do not open if under 18 and if you can't see cruel pictures with burned bodies etc)
  • terrorism ~ a picture says more than 1,000 words, doesn't it?
source: here
  • "assad's" gas attack on own people in syria ~ 
  • strange death of osama bin laden ~ well, the official version tell us that he was surprised asleep by an u.s. special forces commando in pakistan, then killed in self-defence by that commando and thrown into the persian gulf after that, so no one could speak to him ... well, i think he was death already for several years ...
  • war on gaddafi's lybia ~ the opposition is al-qaeda explains whistleblower susan lindauer
  • fukushima ~ 
  • haiti earthquake ~ 
  • chemtrails ~ yes or no?
  • charlie hebdo ~ false flag operation as 11 journalists of a satire newspaper + 1 police officer were killed in paris?
  • NASA's astronaut armstrong walked 1969 on the moon ~ 
  • ebola (oder vogelgrippe H5N1, H7N9 oder schweinepest KSP, ASP, schweinegrippe) => afrika, armut, hunger, #EBOLA, pentagon, feldversuch .... thema #2: impfung für babies (schwermetalle + nervengifte) ... beide darstellungen  machen logisch sinn, wer was vom thema weiß / versteht, kann gerne entsprechend gegenargumentieren / kommentieren :) ~ ebola

  • dr. rüdiger dahlke ~ unsere welt ist krank (über mehrere 'verschwörungstheorien' der reihe nach, 14 min ;-)

  • saddam hussein's WMD in iraq 2003 ~ no longer a conspiracy, this lie was unveiled soon after the u.s. war on iraq. there were NONE weapons of mass destruction in iraq and the u.s. officials (g. w. bush + dick cheney (+donald rumsfeld?) were simply lying to justify an aggressor's war against iraq. simply a war for oil + to destabilize the region + to support the u.s. military-industrial complex and to destroy saddam, who claimed to sell oil for euros instead of the USD, if you asked me.
  • etc

my dear readers, i would really appreciate if you could post few links to some good investigations / articles about (political) conspiracy theories in the comment section below :-)

last but not least, this is not any conspiracy, just my opinion: fuck the the bloody western imperialism and its small dirty North Atlantic Terror Organisation (NATO), which is responsible for so many wars of aggression & so many million deaths even if no one ever threatened any of its members (at least since the vietnam war)
source: here
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