Saturday, November 8, 2014

edelmetallmesse = gold bugs festival 2014

next gold bugs highlight finished in munich ~ pictures + insights ~ BUY physical gold + silver and crash the fraudulent fiat money system NOW :-)
2015 = year of the goat
gold / silver / money is used to exchange goods and services
goldmoney's james turk quotes famous father and his even more famous son:
son ... warren buffett
father ... howard buffett
an easy question: who is wiser, the father or his son? ... or is warren buffett only a slave of 'the system' and is not telling the truth?
prof. max otte
mario draghi, the ECB boss ... omg :-(
war is often a way to hide own problems
triangle of power
krisensicher investieren (who's presentation was that?)
 quoute of the current boss of the european comission claude juncker: if the situation gets serious, we have to lie [wenn es ernst wird, muss man lügen.] ~ omg :-(
gianni kovacevic: my electrician drives a porsche (resources, resources, resources ... and yes, COPPER)
 gianni kovacevic ~ copper, copper, copper :-)
 always full audience at presentations
prof hans j. bocker
more pictures here
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