Monday, November 17, 2014

ISIS - the first state with gold currency? no, kelantan (malaysia) was faster ...

no, there are gold dinars and silver dirhams circulating in the province of kelantan in NE malaysia and few other provinces in malaysia and indonesia since 2006. although the gold and silver coins are not legal tender (official currency) and there are some restrictions and difficulties (especially are the coins are too expensive in relation to their metal value), they are there and used in many ways as an exchange currency, gift or a storage of value. please move to wikipedia for more information about kelentanese precious metals currency :-)

btw, i'm going to kelantan next easter in order to visit kota bharu, the perhentian islands + taman negara NP. well, maybe i will come back with some golden dinars and silver dirhams :-)
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in the last few days, there have been many articles in the western media about the planned gold currency in the ISIS controlled region of northern iraq and northern syria. of course, ISIS is not the appealing character out there, but in any case one who tries to break the hegemony of the western financial central bank mafia and its regular + charged armies (NATO + foreign soldiers groups) and to protect own lands and people. how? well, gold + silver + copper can't be printed by FED, ECB, BoE & Co. like their small dirty freshly printed dollars, euros & pounds which are used to buy anything they want to all over the world (without working for and saving that money in the 1st step) or even money used to kill people around the globe in countless western imperialistic wars like the ones against iraq, libya, afghanistan, syria which are the reason ISIS formed itself in the first place, if you asked me. .... a currency which befriends from “tyrannical financial system imposed on Muslims” as explained by ISIS in the released 17-minute audio recording purported to be of their leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. The speech also claimed that western powers “feared Muslims’ wealth and goods of our land, which they plunder”.
source of picture+story : daily mail

where is ISIS going to get all the money needed to buy gold + silver + copper for its currency? even if according to many internet sources ISIS was financed + trained by the CIA + saudi arabia + qatar (quatar), today gets ISIS (or IS) most of its money by selling oil to smugglers in the controlled regions of syria + iraq. 

and yes, as long as the coins will have their intrinsic value because of their metal content, there is no need for any central bank, of course. 

a similar article by financial times here, where few of the proposed coins are described: 
  • golden dinar coins ~ the highest-denominated 5 dinar coin is set to contain 21.25 grams of 21 carat gold, worth about $694 at current rates 
  • silver dirham coins ~ in value from 45 cents to $4.50
  • copper flous coins ~ down to its lowest-denominated 10 flous coin with 10 grams of copper worth about 7 cents
well, many of today's wars couldn't be fought if all money would be gold, silver, copper or other solid stuff which was worked out and saved/invested for such a purpose, especially those carried by bankrupt western countries like USA, UK, france, germany and their small dirty north atlantic terror alliance (NATO) for decades ...

conclusion: terrorists' group against financial central bank mafia. hmmmmm, strange times we live in .... 

... more thoughts on money + society ...
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