Monday, April 6, 2015

perhentian islands + kota bharu

back from cambodia, let's spend a week at a beach in malaysia => let's go to perhentian islands. we have stayed at the smaller ('kecil') island, pulau perhentian kecil.

the is an airport and a lot of malay muslim culture to see in kota bharu, the capitol of kelantan, one of the traditional malay provinces. to the perhantians it is about 1.5 hours drive by taxi and a about an additional hour by the speed boat to the two perhentian islands (kecil + besar)

kota bharu
kuala besut, we had to hurry up for the ferry / speed boat
pulau perhentian kecil
my sweety
@bubu resort
muslim divers' wedding :-)
house moving on an island :-)
malay + terengganu flags = state + local province
more pictures here
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