Thursday, April 9, 2015

taman negara NP

bank negara is national bank. so what is taman negara? yep, you are right, it means national park and it is the first and still most important NP in malaysia on the mainland too (malay peninsula). it was our next stop after kuala lumpur, cambodiaperhentian islands and before we returned to KL and back home to germany via amsterdam.
 taman negara
our jungle stay mutiara taman negara at the tembeling river
mr. tapir came almost every night to our hotel
... and ms. porcupine too (=stachelschwein)
floating restaurants on the tembeling river, kuala tahan
orang asli village
orang asli children
tembeling river
floating houses + restaurants on the tembeling river
also leaving taman negara :-( 
 what homo sapiens + his industry (his greed?) leave behind :-(
more pictures here
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