Sunday, July 26, 2015

sulzkogel, 3016m

what a nice hiking trip to austria, kühtai ... sulzkogel, my first 3,000m hill reached by foot ... it is a lot of different than skiing that high, you know?
skiing area kühtai (cow hill?), approx. 2,000m high, any questions?
kühtai down there ....
water reservoir finstertal (next to the smaller längental)
coming higher
a crazy buddy of mine, he later fell down from this 3m rock, nothing bad happened to him 
stubaier alpen
sulzkogel, 3016m
almost all of us
photo montage ~ find the error :-) 
tired, enjoying a long break up there ...
there were soooo many golden, silver, copper rocks up there, omg ...
on the way back, the water reservoir again
castle fernstein below the fernpass at lake fernsteiner see
more pictures here
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