Sunday, August 2, 2015

kremnica - gold city in slovakia

vi have been at a family wedding in martin / slovakia, so have enjoyed the possibility to visit kremnica, my grandfather's birth city again ...

well, i'm not sure the wedding guests like to see / have their pictures on the internet, so i'm  going to post mostly sightseeing pictures from the the old medieval gold mining city kremnica ... btw, i have been to kremnica in 2007, but i didn't upload much data or pictures to the internet back than :-) ... just in case you would like to see how a nearby silver mining city looks like, jump to my schemnitz / banska stiavnica pictures.

 main city square

the are many, many old, old houses out there ... few hundred years old, thick walls, ... and many of them for sale as there is not much business / industry today in kremnica :-(
 the castle
 gate to the old city + city walls
me in the historic gold mine in the sooo interesting museum of mining + coins + money at the city square (2007)

did you know, that in kremnica is the oldest still active mint of the world? and that the geographic centre of europe is just approximately 2 km away?

more pictures here
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