Saturday, September 17, 2016

germany against CETA, TTIP and other lobbyists' agreements ~ 320,000 in the streets :-)

great, there were 320,000 people in the rainy streets in 7 german cities against the planned CETA & TTIP trade agreements between the EU and CANADA + USA. in munich we have been 25,000 activists out there.
yes, we people know this agreements are just made for the big corporations and is not good for us. how could the lowering of standards in quality and working conditions or external corporate courts instead of national parliaments be good for the people? no way!

what if the reigning corrupt european politicians (= mostly puppets of big business) will sign that or similar 'free trade' agreements anyway? well, then we probably only can boycott consume as far as possible and boycott big corporations by buying local products from local farmers and local businesses, will we?

enjoy few pictures:
 my protest umbrella ~ people should decide about it, not politicians and corporations ...
 some police out there
 the protest march through the rainy streets of munich
back at odeonsplatz square ~ hans söllner performing his protest songs
what we really want: system change (systemwechsel)

even more pictures in the combined album about the july 2016 protest and from today: HERE

people, please awake and stop the 1%, please (=> occupyallstreets?) and let's save the world :-)


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