Sunday, September 25, 2016

the 'holy' / church city of eichstätt

what about our nice birthday party in cadolzburg close to nuremberg / nürnberg? well, we met friends and listened to the frankonian (fränkisch) cabaret artist sven bach. unfortunately, there are not many pictures i can show you. why? well, my wife and her hypnosis therapist friend didn't censored their dirndl pictures by now. i fear they will not allow me to post them in the internet as they are prettier as the police allows :-)
happy birthday, dear dimitra ;-)
anyway, at the way back to munich we have visited the historic and 'holy' city of eichstätt with its catholic university, dome, bishop, many many churches, ...
the dome / dom

peace :-)
city center
the walk around and the castle willibaldsburg were the places we liked most
few messages :-)
good-bye, eichstätt
what about swimming in irgertsheim?
more eichstätt pictures are here
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